San Atanacio Deli-Grocery: Having Flan On Bay Parkway

The area surrounding Bay Parkway and 65th Street may be bereft of a supermarket within easy walking distance. But dozens of local specialty businesses are providing the public with what they need. And flan.

I was walking down Bay Parkway with my girlfriend on a sunny day when we decided to stop into San Atanacio. We wanted to check out their wide selection of products from south of the border. While my girlfriend and I browsed, we noticed that they also stock most standard American products found in a typical deli or corner store. They also carry flan.

San Atanacio, evidently named in honor of nearby Saint Athanasius Church, has a great selection of everything from tropical produce, queso fresco and tortillas to breakfast cereal and ham and cheese sandwiches. And of course, store-made flan.

San Atanacio Deli-Grocery is located at 6402 Bay Parkway, between 64th and 65th Streets.

Time flies when you're having flan