Sal & Jerry’s Bakery Expands After 30 Years In The Game

Olive bread. Source:

Cousins Sabastiano “Sal” Buzzetta and Rosolino “Jerry” Cracchiolo launched a modest bread bakery business in 1983. Now, after almost 30 years, they’ve decided to expand.

What started as a two-person retail bakery at 6817 20th Avenue became well known for their Italian breads and pastries. They plan on bringing that same expertise to their new commercial bakery in West Babylon, according to News LI.

Customers have been coming back for the cannolis and sfogliatelle for years and the new bakery will deliver the baked goods to parts of the metropolitan and tri-state areas.

“We’re expanding by demand,” said Gianni Cracchiolo, president of Sal and Jerry’s Inc. “We have a few distributors and through the years they have pushed us and pushed us to produce more. They want to come in with trucks and buy by the pallet.”

The family business has a long tradition of baking. When Jerry and his family came to America from Carini, a small providence of Palermo, Sicily, the men worked in a downtown Brooklyn bakery called Mazzola.  Later, cousin Buzzetta got in on the mix and helped the family buy a bakery named Realmuto on 20th Avenue. They renovated and renamed the place and the rest was history.

The bakery’s legacy continues as Gianni’s brother Robert, a culinary school graduate, joins the team. He wants to modernize the menu with  mousses and sculpted cakes while maintaining the recipes that made the cousins successful.

Also, Sal & Jerry’s Bakery jumped on the eco-bandwagon by cutting the onsite carbon emissions from their baking to zero.

Good luck to the modern bakery with an old world feel, just don’t forget the neighborhood that made you.


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