Safety Violations Halt Construction At Sheepshead’s AvalonBay

1501 Voorhies Avenue, 2017. (Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)

A stop-work order has been slapped on the looming — and controversial — 28-story luxury condo tower slated for Sheepshead Bay, after officials found safety violations at the site.

Construction for the AvalonBay at 1501 Voorhies Avenue has been halted after inspectors found that there weren’t enough supports protecting the excavation hole from collapsing on workers. They also found missing pieces of the construction fence surrounding the site — two safety hazards.

Contractors digging a large hole for excavation are required to brace the sides with a temporary support structure called shoring, to prevent the walls from caving in on workers. And lack of proper shoring can make an excavation site especially dangerous, said officials.

(Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)

But this isn’t the first construction snag at the soon-to-be tower, as emergency responders were called to the site after a pile driver tipped over in 2015.

The 28-story luxury tower, purchased by AvalonBay and Muss Development, is under construction beside the Sheepshead Bay subway station. When finished, it will hold 238 residential units and additional offices on the lower floors.

The opening is slated for 2018, with rentals ranging between $1,935 to $5,070, according to the latest listing.

The tower’s foundation has been mired in controversy even before the first shovel hit the dirt. Since the proposal was first made public by this site, residents and community leaders have expressed concern the tower could disrupt the neighborhood’s parking, traffic and sewer infrastructure.

For years, we have been reporting on new renderingsDepartment of Buildings filings, community meetings, and further updates about the colossal tower that now soars above the Sheepshead Bay skyline.

The tower at 1501 Voorhies Avenue can be seen poking up beyond homes further down the block. (Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)

And neighbors have been keeping a close watch over construction. There have been several complaints listed for potentially unsafe working conditions and damage to adjacent properties surrounding the construction site. Many neighbors listed persistent vibrations in their buildings, including a medical office where they claimed that their office was shaking so violently one patient threw up.

The Department of Buildings followed up on those complaints reported by neighbors, but found no violating conditions during the inspections, and issued no violations until now, said DOB officials.

(Photo by Carly Miller/BKLYNER)
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  1. These bastards never should have been permitted to building this disgrace. You people have destroyed my neighborhood with this disgusting monstrosity. Not surprised.

  2. This is city planning disregarding the character of a neighborhood. I can only imagine how much money went under the table to build this ugly and out of place building. The city counsel should be fired for approving this. This will increase the density of population in an already crowded area. When I drive by this building on the belt I just shake my head. I am really beginning to Hate NYC. It has become so expensive to live here and who needs the selfish hipsters.

  3. Thankfully I don’t live here anymore. What is happening to sheapshead & surrounding area is
    a shame. All these high rises and huge rents are killing the neighborhood I used to live in.

    I now live in a State where the cost of living is low and the homes are reasonable for the medium
    income. And no gangster officials overlooking costruction.Louis Shnayer

  4. Where is the elevator to the two subway entrances that should have been provided in exchange for allowing to build such a high rise structure in this low rise Community.

  5. I wonder how many times the word “monstrosity” has been and will be used for this disgrace…

  6. Just feel lucky you don’t life near Trump Village Shopping Center and Avi Schrons monument to himself. He came up with a unique way of killing the complainers, release toxic chemicals to the community. It will free up the over crowding in the schools, car traffic, mass transit, etc.

  7. This is how sheepshead bay is soon to be gentrifying with more luxury condos for these hipsters & yuppies creeping in,while immigrants, homeowners, seniors & longtime residents are getting priced-out of with high rents/property taxes/water,sewer & electric bills. While mom&pop stores had shuttered & replace with starbucks,chipolte,H&M,whole foods & high end retail stores.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH sound it out #NIMBY

  8. I’d rather see elevators in the subway in Sheepsheadbay so my mom doesn’t have to walk up those stairs with a cane! Instead of this Bullshit!!

  9. I’d rather see elevators in the subway in Sheepsheadbay so my mom doesn’t have to suffer walking up those stairs with a cane!! Fix our community instead of investing into congestion! We drive slow now and we can barely get around in this traffic on the beltparkway. This area is literally an up an coming monstrosity!!!

  10. This is tragic to the soul. We have been here three generations. We had plans to continue living here for the next generation. This is all ruined now,and we are leaving our roots and our hearts. Goodbye to our dreams. We are out of here! You can expect a bunch of hipsters,gender benders,snide leftists,s0uless progressives to start their “social engineering” very soon. Pollution maxed out and congestion overloading an already dense area. Expect more of these skyscrapers. Hoboken is coming. I hate NYC now! Glad people are fleeing. Nothing left to love.

  11. This tower has definitely changed the landscape of the Sheepshead Bay. The bay and the Belt Parkway are already overcrowded. I live within sight of the parkway and because of the replacement of all of the drawbridges the road is a mess all day everyday. Too many cars, not enough parkway. Imagine how much more crowded it will get with the addition of 28 stories of drivers. Driving on Emmons Ave. into the bay, especially in the evenings, is a nightmare. The same holds true for driving along Voorhies Avenue which runs parallel to Emmons.

    Exiting the Belt Parkway at the Coney Island Avenue exit already backs up onto the parkway. With the garage for this building sitting right at the end of the exit, this will only get worse. Shopping in the CVS which is within walking distance of the tower requires patience as does shopping in Stop and Shop. These stores will get even more crowded.

    By the way, hipsters and yuppies are not the ones buying apartments in the bay. It’s people from Eastern Europe with lots of cash that can afford the apartments in these new buildings. There’s a big desire to living near the water and developers are satisfying those desires with lots of new construction.

    I agree with the previous comments that under-the-table payments were made to get this project off the ground.

  12. Thank you Bob D. Your prediction of who’ll be moving into the “monstrosity” is entirely correct. It sure won’t be primarily hipsters and yuppies. BTW, Sue, I’ve been calling this the “monstrosity” since I first saw it, and it gets more monsterish daily. I think the conversation with any prospective resident should be along the lines of “Oh, so you’re thinking of moving into the monstrosity, tsk, tsk,” or to those who’ve already moved in, “So,you live in the monstrosity. Too bad.”

  13. I agree with you Bob D. Hipsters and yuppies are not buying those apartments, It’s too far away from Manhattan. Hipsters like to stay close to the city Sheepshead bay is too much of a distance on the train from other parts of BK also 45 mins to and hour and a half depending on where you can going to in Manhattan. I also agree that the building could at least be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  14. Anyone complaining sounds foolish… this was a freaking FISHING VILLAGE 50-70 years ago… The neighborhood, like almost EVERY other neighborhood, is changing. I grew up here too,,, still work here. hundreds of people are employed at the jobsite, neighborhood businesses will be patronized, taxes will be generated and PAID,,, listening to some of you saying that you’re moving OUT because of ONE new building… jeez!


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