Sabbath Seminar: Protecting Children and Families

Flyer for Sabbath Seminar: Kol Tzedek
Flyer for Sabbath Seminar: Kol Tzedek

The Brooklyn D.A.’s office is holding a special Saturday educational meeting on the subject of Protecting Jewish Children and Families. The meeting is for tomorrow and being held at a Jewish Orthodox synagogue in Homecrest on a Sabbath day; meaning: this is a matter of great importance.

Here’s the information from the flyer :

The District Attorney Is Looking for You.
Kings County DA Charles J. Hynes will speak on the Kol Tzedek Program Protecting Jewish Children and Families
Shabbat, December 5, 2009
10 a.m.
Beth El Jewish Center of Flatbush
Ave. T and Homecrest Ave.
Question and answer session at Kiddush. Join us!

The address for the Beth El Jewish Center of Flatbush is 1981 Homecrest Avenue.

Note: We saw this flyer posted on an electrical pole on Avenue U. Although we’re (me) against most postings on lampposts and electrical posts (including ones related to the District Attorney’s office), this information is important enough to pass onto you. Look for our (my) editorial about this and other issues related to this flyer, in the future.