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Russian Dolls Part Two? Nope, But The Russians Are Returning To TV!

Man, I love having a reason to use this Photoshopped bit of genius.

A new television show following several Russian-Americans as they attempt to achieve their own American Dream will soon hit the airwaves.

No, it ain’t Russian Dolls – a.k.a. a miserable failure to replicate Jersey Shore with Slavic schlock – but it is the latest exploration of our Russian-American neighbors.

National Geographic has ordered an eight-part series based on New York-based Russians from a top British production company. It will be filmed in the most densely populated Russian-American enclave in the U.S., Brighton Beach, and will be produced by Firecracker Films. Crews were in the neighborhood as recently as last week, interviewing Russian-American leaders about the community, and exploring the cultural quirks of Little Odessa.

Firecracker Films is a well established production company that has already received praise for their work on the BAFTA-nominated series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, which aired on TLC. This past October they won the “Breakout TV Producer Of The Year Award” at the 2nd Annual Beverly Hills Film, Television and New Media Award. They also have worked with BBC, and Discovery.

The series is set to air in the Fall of 2012.

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  1. Seriously? LOL! National geographic? What are we, animals?  … I would like to volunteer to do the narrations.

    “The mating ritual of the Russian is similar to other species. Like Peacocks, the Russian male displays all his pretty feathers – he puts on his best Gucci ensemble and trolls around Sheepshead Bay in his fancy Mercedes s550, looking for his prey. The women dress up in their shortest Valentino skirts and highest Prada boots in order to make sure they are spotted. Once the alpha male spots his target, he approaches her in his car, blasting techno music and lures her in with the delightful scent of piroshki and Aqua di Gio…”

  2. I for one would like a show about the Syrian Jews living west of Ocean Parkway and how the hell do they make so much money.  I already have a pretty good idea how the Manhattan Beach Russians make their money, medicare fraud, tax evasion, and other dealings we won’t discuss here, however the Syrian Jews I believe have taken the game to a whole new level and I for one would like to learn from the masters.  If you plan to answer please don’t post anything hateful, I am really interested in the truth here.

  3. although i did enjoy “my big fat gypsy wedding” doc, it left me wondering if what was shown was an objective view of the culture. Also that particular doc mostly focused on the “Gypsies” like the ones depicted in “Snatch” by Brad Pitt, and only one episode had focused on the Roma gypsies (usually who we associate when we say gypsy). But the show was very entertaining and it did give a glimpse into a closed society. 
    Wonder what they will do to the Russian community here. 
    There was a doc, a few yrs back, also on either TLC or History, about the 70’s wave of immigrants from Soviet Union, mostly focusing on the criminal aspects. 
    To be perfectly honest with u, a person who is of the soviet background, who immigrated here at some point should really do the doc, otherwise it will be too much of what the russian dolls aspired to be or too much of the criminal underbelly would be discussed. and really the world does not need to know how to make borsch. there is the internet for that. 
    But in all i am looking forward to this doc. 

  4. Diamonds, gold.

    Insurance, credit card and mortgage fraud.

    Parent’s money.

    Import, export.

    Stock market.

    Currency exchange.

    Medical care.

    Real Estate.

    Want more?

  5. Diamonds and gold I heard before.  Stock market, real estate and currency exchange is not really a strategy, everyone has access to those, I want to know how they actually do it.

  6. Vorovskoy Mir in Russian (i.e. воровской мир) or “Thieves World” – The Perfect Title

    All of the local politicians will have to make cameos as they accept payoffs from the “honest” businessmen. Senator Kreuger needs a new boat slip at his mobster mansion to take his mind off of his indictments (still waiting for his resignation).

    Senator Schumer, the Russian Mob’s best friend in the US Senate will have another Tribute Dinner at the Warldorf Astoria and invite all the Vors again. He can arrange for Borris Ivanakov to pass through Interpol and JFK Security with a suitcase filled with a million in cash again and have as special guests the two FBI agents he plotted to murder. The whole affair can take place in Rasputin with showgirls doing a song and dance as Schumer introduces the FBI Agents to their would be killer. Think of the ratings!

    Will 61st precinct be making cameos too? Their weekly bribing would make for interesting television. How about “A Very Special Episode” where Charlie “Jo” Hynes pays a visit to the show and explains how “protection” is arranged and interference in FBI investigations are all arranged for cash filled envelopes marked as “donations for re-election campaign”?

  7. Now, now, they earn their money the old fashioned way – by stealing it and paying for the best political and police protection this side of the Corleone Family.

    Anyone recall the 1980’s when jewish lightning storms ravaged Brooklyn and the Bronx? All of those properties were tripled insured and owned by Syrians. The triple their investment money and insurance payouts are non-taxable. Then they all arranged to become religious institutions which pay no taxes. Between the black market human organ trafficking, Ecstasy and heroin smuggling, diamond smuggling, ripoff electronic storefronts in Manhattan, running the Brooklyn Court System, especially the Estate Courts where they divy up the property of anyone who dies intestate on Kings County like it as Bugs Bunny Cartoon – three for me – none for you..

  8. Are you trying to say that there are others in Brooklyn scamming the system besides Russians? This is breaking news to most on this site. 

  9. Doctors, lawyers, software engineers, etc. I remember how all american born kids knew to sit next to russian or asian immigrants during the tests… Figure it out.

  10. The 0.01% who commit medical fraud and other crime are not responsible for anything resembling all the Russian or Syrian wealth. I don’t know many Syrians, but I do know a lot of Russians, and none of them are involved in anything illegal. That said, jealousy is a normal emotion, so obviously any community more successful than yours must be committing crime. As proof, we can find a few exceptions in any community, while ignoring the representative majority of the group.

  11. I find the new Russian series very interesting and I hope it does well. Being one of the main cast members from Russian Dolls I feel the russian community deserves to see another side of the Russian people. Yes, there is a lot more to Russians then the flirtatious acts of Anna Kay or the crazy abs and charm of Eddie Zee (Facebook), we as Russians have many things to offer. So to those that are at the edge of your seats holding on tight to their BORSH, get ready cause the Russians are coming!

    “Russian’s are the new trend, wear us like clothing” – Eddie Zee

    Eddie Zee


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