Russian Dolls Part Two? Nope, But The Russians Are Returning To TV!

Man, I love having a reason to use this Photoshopped bit of genius.

A new television show following several Russian-Americans as they attempt to achieve their own American Dream will soon hit the airwaves.

No, it ain’t Russian Dolls – a.k.a. a miserable failure to replicate Jersey Shore with Slavic schlock – but it is the latest exploration of our Russian-American neighbors.

National Geographic has ordered an eight-part series based on New York-based Russians from a top British production company. It will be filmed in the most densely populated Russian-American enclave in the U.S., Brighton Beach, and will be produced by Firecracker Films. Crews were in the neighborhood as recently as last week, interviewing Russian-American leaders about the community, and exploring the cultural quirks of Little Odessa.

Firecracker Films is a well established production company that has already received praise for their work on the BAFTA-nominated series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, which aired on TLC. This past October they won the “Breakout TV Producer Of The Year Award” at the 2nd Annual Beverly Hills Film, Television and New Media Award. They also have worked with BBC, and Discovery.

The series is set to air in the Fall of 2012.


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