Roundup: Construction, Landmarking, Hate, Hope and More


  • Senator Simcha Felder and Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein who both represent Boro Park were the only Brooklyn lawmakers to vote against the reproductive health act, which the Governor signed into law last night.
  • DREAM Act Passes NY Senate and heads to Governor:
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Even Felder voted for it.

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  1. Regarding the Dream Act: While I feel sympathy for those who were brought illegally by their parents to the US, it is more important that those who are citizens or legal residents not lose out on going to the college of their choice or being denied a scholarship which was awarded to someone who is not in the US legally or a “dreamer.” If Gov. Cuomo, the Clintons, the Bernie Sanders groupies want dreamers to qualify for college scholarships, then let them dig into their own pockets as many of them are millionaires, open up their wallets for the first time in years as they haven’t done their own grocery shopping in years and set up a privately finance fund for which only dreamers and other illegal residents can apply. Its nice that Cuomo the hypocrite is once again being generous at the expense of the majority of New Yorkers, who would have denied him not only a third term, but a second term, only if the Republican Party ran a qualified opponent who had sufficient funding. Lets see if Cuomo has the courage to start a scholarship fund for dreamers and make the initial donation with one of his personal, not those of the taxpayers of the state, checks.

  2. If you actually read the text it says:

    “neither the commission nor the fund would receive state funding or aid”


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