Rosen: “DOT Is Run By A Bunch Of Idiots”

The following op-ed is by Allan Rosen, a Manhattan Beach resident and former Director of MTA/NYC Transit Bus Planning (1981).

I got my first glimpse on Thursday of what Department of Transportation intends to do about bus stops no longer needed as a result of the MTA bus service cuts. There has been much speculation about this. Will they increase the number of free parking spaces? Will they install meters? Will they leave the potential parking spaces as “No Standing” zones? Some yuppies have even suggested that former bus stops be used solely for bicycle parking, which, of course, is ridiculous.

After watching DOT in action regarding this and other issues, I have come to the conclusion – and how do I say this politely – DOT is run by a bunch of idiots. I’ve said this before – they make the MTA appear competent by comparison. Let me explain.

First they rip down the Guide-a-Ride signs, those boxes with the signs saying that the stops are no longer bus stops effective June 27. Those should have been the last signs to be removed so people don’t start waiting for a bus that never comes. On Neptune Avenue near Ocean Parkway they just removed the bus stop signs. The complete process is expected to take three months.

Now, this is why they are idiots. On the north side of the street I expected them to keep the No Standing regulation or change it to “No Parking Anytime” to facilitate right turns and keep traffic flowing smoothly. Instead, they allow parking adding about five new parking spaces, inhibiting right turns that will further increase the severe traffic congestion that exists every weekday afternoon and evening.

On the south side of the street where there is absolutely no reason not to add parking spaces, they change the regulation to “No Parking Anytime” which absolutely serves no purpose. To make matters worse, they ban an additional space simply because they were too lazy to install an extra post. In an area where parking is so scarce, this type of insensitivity to community needs is inexcusable.

Even worse, a block away, on a dead end street where parking has been allowed for nearly the past 100 years without any problem, DOT recently decided to make the entire street a no standing zone forcing 12 families to find other parking spaces in an area where it is almost impossible to find a parking spot.

If one of those families has to move any furniture, they would have to carry it at least three hundred feet to a car or truck on another street or risk a fine of over $100. But what does Mayor Bloomberg know about moving furniture by himself or circling the block three times to find a parking spot?


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