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Officer Injured In Coney Island Blaze Will Receive Reduced Pension Due To New Rules


Officer Rosa Rodriguez, still recovering from injuries sustained during a Coney Island fire that killed her partner, will receive a reduced disability pension under new NYPD rules.

Photo: GREAT NEWS!! PO Rosa Rodriguez who was critically injured in the arson on April 6th opened her eyes yesterday for the first time and saw her children and gave them a thumbs up as they were talking to her. Please continue to keep Rosa and her family in your prayers as she continues to fight!!
Source: New York Police Department Hispanic Society

DNAinfo broke the story:

A pension change enacted five years ago says police officers and firefighters hired after July 2009 who become disabled in the line of duty are no longer eligible for the traditional tax-free pension calculated at three-quarters of their final year’s salary.

Instead, these newer members of New York’s Finest and Bravest will receive pensions equal to 50 percent of their final year’s salary.

And officials say that pension will be further cut by an amount equivalent to half of any Social Security disability payments they receive.

Officer Rosa Rodriguez, a 36-year-old mother of four, joined the force in July 2010 and is making $53,270 a year.

Had she been hired a year earlier, Rodriguez would have received a combined disability pay of $61,552. But because of the new rule, that will be slashed nearly in half, to $37,400.

The outlet notes that Rodriguez will likely be forced to retire due to her injuries.

Sixteen-year-old Marcell Dockery is accused of starting the April 6 fire in 2007 Surf Avenue’s high-rise building because he was bored, and he has been indicted.

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  1. Very unfortunate. It’s a shame that there couldn’t be an exception in this case, for someone who genuinely is one of New York’s Finest. Sad.

  2. I will tell you something, this is a courageous, intelligent and beautiful woman. Unlike the Russian women of Brooklyn, this woman was not afraid to be a hero and serve the public as a police officer. The Russian women on the other hand, want office jobs above everone else in this city. This woman is a mother of four, that is rather feminine I would say. These Russian scum women, only want office jobs, foresaking a family. That is not feminine in my book that is a vile heathen. For example google Svetlana Cozmit, the girl went from a mere teller to an anlyst making $80,000. what is going on with this fascination with these heathens. Do you think her superiors at the bank she worked would want $80,000 as well per year. This is just one example, of the preferences that these so called Russian women get in NYC. You get a non panty wearing, short skirt smoker versus a mother of four. The choice is obvious in NYC.

  3. Clearly you have been rejected by various Russian/American women. For a good reason…. And I can’t help but see more rejection in your future by women of other backgrounds. All women.
    Of course you’ll deny it all, but come on, why else would you write something like that?

  4. I have a 3.9 GPA from Touro and I could not get a job like Svetlana Cozmit got. Religous Jewish girls live under sharia like law in the middle of Brooklyn, while Russian girls smoke, drink and have protected sex everywhere, probably to lend a job with one of our fathers no less. While it may not be a holocaust, sharia law in Brooklyn for religous Jewish woman has to go.


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