Romance On The Sheepshead Waterfront

Reader nolastname was strolling down Emmons Avenue when she came upon these two young lovers relaxing off Pier 5. In all that we write about Sheepshead Bay – good, bad and otherwise – it can be easy to forget one of the most obvious things about our neighborhood: it’s romantic.

Yes, there’s a dumpster in the photo. Yes, in yesterday’s heat and stickiness there was the faint scent of spoiling fish. And yes, you lovely readers who know the Bay so well that you can so thoroughly dissect it’s flaws, I’m sure you’ll have things to say to the contrary.

But when in those moment of heat-induced sleepiness, sitting on the benches in the park next to Stella Maris, watching the sun go down over the Holocaust Memorial Park – with the swans in the foreground – there’s no denying that there remains a romance and mystique to our community.

I know I’ve strolled the piers and the marina on a number of dates, leaning on the railing and watching the sailing masts bob on the waters. The Sheepshead Bay marina, I dare say, rivals the Brooklyn Heights Promenade or a Prospect Park picnic for one of the boroughs most romantic spots.

A passing smile, a first kiss or a long-sought embrace? Do you have any romantic memories of the Sheepshead Bay waterfront? Share them here!


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