Roll-N-Roaster Named One Of City’s Best Sandwiches

Photo courtesy of irockiroll via Flickr
Photo courtesy of irockiroll via Flickr

There’s no shortage of accolades for Roll-N-Roaster’s (2901 Emmons Avenue) classic roast beef, kaiser roll and cheeeeeez. But now its sister, the hot turkey sandwich, is also getting a claim to fame. Grub Street published a list of the 101 top sandwiches in New York City, and the turkey sandwich at Roll-N-Roaster was ranked 96. Sure, it’s a long way to number one, but considering how many sandwiches we’ve got in this gastronomic Gotham of ours, that’s pretty flattering. Here’s what they had to say:

Warm slices of fresh-roasted turkey piled on a soft, gravy-dipped kaiser bun nails that Thanksgiving flavor, especially with a brown-sugared sweet potato on the side.

I’ve never had the turkey sandwich, but they make it sound so scrumptious that it’ll be my order next time I’m there.

Nevermind roast beef, though. Nevermind Roll-N-Roaster, even. What do you think is the best sandwich in Sheepshead Bay?