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Roll-N-Roaster Gets Illustrated In New Village Voice Feature

A portion of the Gears 'n' Grub illustration of Roll-N-Roaster

The Village Voice chose Roll-N-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue)as the subject for the inaugural post of “Gears ‘n’Grub,” their new illustrated series about foodstuffs found while the author bikes through the city.

The writer, L. Nichols, took a ride over to “Bottle Beach” – the name hipsters have given to what we know better as Dead Horse Bay – before finding himself in front of a plate of roast beef and Cheez fries.

Nichols made a wise choice by going with the standard Express-Line order, except for one rookie mistake – ordering soda instead of home-made Lemonade.

Looks like he’ll have to get back on that bike and take another trip down here. You want to order soda at Brennan & Carr’s? Go right ahead. Order soda from Roll-N-Roaster? Consider your meal incomplete.

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  1.  You know what this means now, right? Sheepshead Bay is gonna get invaded. And our precious RNR is going to go in the shitter once they read this.

  2. You’re right about the subway but hipsters favor those fixed gear bikes so this just might become a favorite destination for them. But first they’ll have to get over their squeamishness of venturing into the land of the great unwashed. If you want to see a motley crew just bike over to Flatbush ave on a weekend and watch the hipster parade heading into Ft Tilden. 

  3. I’ve always had trouble getting people from Park Slope down to our neck of the woods. And many of them are within walking distance of the  7th Avenue Brighton line station.

    Granted, hipsters are a different breed.

  4.  …and, as a side note, in order to post the YouTube link this site required the correct response to a CAPTCHA (sic).

    One of the words was in Hebrew. (!) Google Translate tells us that


    is Hebrew for “slaughter”. Had to copy & paste from a Word.doc after using the “insert symbol” function to get the correct font.


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