Roll-N-Roaster Flooded With Calls After Online Rumor Falsely Claims Restaurant Will Close

Roll-N-Roaster, 2901 Emmons Avenue. (Photo: Alex Ellefson / Sheepshead Bites)

Staff at Roll-N-Roaster, Sheepshead Bay’s beloved roast beef sandwich maker, said they received more than 100 phone calls on Sunday after a wild conspiracy theory emerged online that the restaurant had been sold to a condo developer and would close in October.

“One woman was crying on the phone and another walked in and she was in tears,” said manager Eric Rodriguez after denying there was any truth to the rumor. “It’s absolutely false. Roll-N-Roaster is here to stay and is not going anywhere.”

The rumor appears to have started on Facebook Saturday night and we received several emails and social media inquiries asking if the claim was true. It’s unclear where the story originated but several people cited one man’s Facebook post, which garnered 1,247 shares, claiming the iconic Emmons Avenue restaurant was going “bye bye.”

We messaged the owner of the account to find out where he received that information. He has not replied.

The rumor also spread on Twitter, where there were many heartbroken messages about Roll-N-Roaster’s impending demise.

This is not the first time people have speculated about the end of the 45-year-old fast food joint. Rodriguez explained that a similar rumor circulated online a little over eight years ago.

However, he said the faulty gossip was good for business. Many people come in to find out if the restaurant is closing and then stick around to eat after their worries have been put to rest.

“It’s been very busy,” he said.

UPDATE 3:14pm: Roll-N-Roaster’s General Manager also called to confirm the restaurant has no plans to close.

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  1. Unlike El-Greco, which I’ve been to 100’s of times but never enjoyed, it would really suck if Roll-Roaster sells out.

  2. going out of business is “GOOD FOR BUSINESS” … Lets start a rumor that McDonalds is closing, they need the boost of business… nope

  3. That’s one of the drawbacks of social media. When something is posted, few corroborate the authenticity of the claim. Long live, Roll-N-Roaster!

  4. Of course they are going to sell the property for millions of dollars. Wouldn’t you if you were offered that kind of money?

  5. Reminds me of the rumor about a Cheesecake Factory opening in the Loehmann’s Plaza which went around a few years back.

    That one was also started on Facebook by some awful trickster…

  6. So Native, according to you, they are going to sell. According to all others, R and R is not going to sell. What do you know that nobody else does?

  7. Wanted to go there Saturday night and couldn’t get near the place, parking lot packing, people on line waiting for a parking space, no street parking and if they close I’ll cry as will a million others/.

  8. The restaurant nets about $1m a year, so I’m pretty sure they’re content with their current profit margin.

  9. Rumor or not, the demographics are changing and not in favor of places like Roll-N-Roaster. Hopefully they see the writing on the wall and will sell before their decline begins.

  10. I don’t understand why people were over reacting to this. And people crying? That is just fricken weird. Even if they were closing, what is the big deal? It is an overpriced, over rated fast food shop. It’s mostly frozen food people, you can buy it and make it yourself or go to another overpriced fast food shop, shall we say Brennan and Carr? R&R’s roast beef has no flavor unless you put that sloppy cheese whiz and those soggy onions on it, and even then PU. Their steak is full of fat, their hamburgers have a weird taste. There would have been no loss as far as I am concerned. I lived across the street for many years. I watched the place being built. God Bless Buddy – he has made out like a bandit selling sub par food. He became rich selling cheap frozen food at inflated prices. The man is a savant. I doubt that any of you R&R addicts will ever have anything to worry about. Buddy would be crazy to sell the place that supports his lifestyle and enables him to not come to work every day.

  11. Congratulationss to roll roaster on starting the rumer for free advertising. Next rumer shall be in 2 months.

  12. Every time I drive by R&R, I ask myself when are they going to bit the bullet and sell, what with condo next to them and condo behind them, this lot is in a prime position to have another condo in its place. I agree that food in R&R is not top-notch, however, it’s an institution as Sh.Bay does not have too many places left for a quick bite that are also spacious, honestly, besides V&S pizza, nothing comes to my mind. I have lived in the area from 1994 to 2009 and when my kids were born, we would take daily walks along the canal, often stopping to grab a bite to eat, R&R was one of their favorites, in fact, during a recent Brooklyn visit, they made a list of eateries they wanted to go to, both V&S and R&R were on top of the list. Mark my words, though, I don’t think it’s a rumor.

  13. I miss “Buddys” on Utica Avenue, once upon a time. And, who can forget “Big Daddy’s” on Coney Island Avenue?

  14. Who cares if it closes, it’s nothing but over-priced garbage. Mediocre roast beef with those cow chips they call fries and that sludge they call cheez. Ask them for the ingredients to that sludge, it looks like some one melted down a traffic cone in your dish. I live a block away and haven’t eaten there in 20 years, it sucked then and it hasn’t changed. For the price you pay for that crap for a family of 4 you can walk along Emmons and get a good, nutritious, fresh meal at any of the new cafes. I hope it does close so a decent eatery can open.

  15. Taxfred, you know better. If Roll n Rooster closes, it will certainly not be taken over by a decent eatery. The economic of land in Bklyn are not in your favor. Sorry to burst your balloon bubble.

  16. You are delusional, between Opera, Rocca and Next Door Pizza you can spend the same money, and less, and eat FRESH, delicious food that actually has a taste to it. Have you seen the size of the people that walk in there? If you don’t care about your weight you won’t care about the garbage you’re shoveling in.

  17. Fred4, yes, many Lardass families frequent this type of restaurant, but if RnR decide to sell out, it will be to a real estate developer, less likely to a wholesome foodery. Thanks for sharing my delusion.

  18. The demographics of the neighborhood are changing, they know it, and the new clientele don’t eat this slop, they’re looking 5 years ahead. Their lazy American housewife who doesn’t want to cook, their core customer, are fleeing Brooklyn. They went out of business in Staten Island so before they take a bath with this location sell while you’re above water, please, for the health and the taste buds of us who are sticking g around

  19. The demographics of Brooklyn are not changing as much as you think. R&R still has long lines and the parking lot is always full. Their core customer, Southern Brooklynites, have not left because they tend to have higher home ownership rates. Many northern Brooklynites have moved to southern Brooklyn for less expensive rents. So a place like R&R won’t be going anywhere anytime soon – unless they want to. Its also worth noting that even with people desiring healthier lifestyles, its not like everyone is eating a salad and granola 24 hours a day. Sometimes you just want a burger and R&R hits the spot for many people.

  20. Again you’re delusional, the largest influx into this area has been from Russia, China and Turkey and they don’t eat this slop. Opera has seating for 500 people and no parking and you can’t get near the place in the summer because people, especially younger people, are eating fresher, healthier food that actually has taste. The gluten-free, organic crowd is taking over and they will lose their younger crowd. The elderly are gone and they know it. There are no cheap rents rents anymore so this north – south migration doesn’t make sense. The quicker this garbage processing plant leaves the better.

  21. FYI, in that case there were several large restaurants interested in Lundy’s, NOT in Loehmanns. In fact, two very successful local restaurant owners were also interested in the Lundy location too, but the rest is history, too much pressure was put on the local politics which resulted in making a midnight deal with never done before in NYC, zoning combination of a variance and Special Permit, behind the scenes “spot zoning” change for one grocery store to get an exception to the Sheepshead Bay waterfront Special District Zoning. THIS totally ignoring the procedures set in place to make that kind of a change. All the rest of the local grocery stores struggling in this mixed economy but at least they are operating legally and opened legally. Sorry, I just would like FACTS to be spread around and not rumors. For the last 33 years, we have tried to give facts, but social media and sloppy reporting have made our community quick to comment on many issues without really knowing the facts. All the best to you and everyone in the Bay. I really hope Roll N Roaster is not sold to the highest bidder. But if it goes, so be it. There are many good view points here about healthy food around; but there is enough of a market for all types. The more eateries the better and the more the waterfront becomes a destination for visitors to enjoy our beautiful harbor and spend money here! Happy New Year to those that celebrate!

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