Rogue Spitter Allegedly Roaming Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Rogue Spitter Allegedly Roaming Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Prospect Park Spitter
Accounts on the Prospect Park Lefferts Gardens Facebook group about the alleged spitter. (Photo Credit: Sue Yellin)

The community of Prospect Lefferts Gardens has been on alert for a man dubbed the “PLG Spitter.” In the last two months there have been several posts on the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Facebook page about a man allegedly coming up to men, women, and children and spitting in their faces without provocation.

“Hey neighbors! Just got spit in the face by the notorious PLG Spitter, on Flatbush Ave and Lenox.” Caro Lin wrote. “He walked away and spit [in] someone else’s face, we called the police. Careful if you out there now! He walked south on 21st towards Church Ave.”

Although Lin and the man’s other target called the police there’s not much that can be done due to the laws of New York State. Frank Bulzoni, the community affairs officer for the 71st Precinct said that spitting on someone isn’t considered assault.

“If [you’re] walking down the street and get spit on that’s harassment, which is only a violation.” Officer Bulzoni said. “An officer can only arrest someone if they’ve observed it themselves.”

Another member of the group, Ryan Dillion, said he was outside of Plant Fitness when a guy came up to him and asked if he was following him. He responded “no,” but the man spit in his face then crossed the street and spat in the face of a young girl who was with her mom and sister.

For parents harassed by the man he said that children are the exception to the rule, spitting on them is endangering the welfare of a child, which is a misdemeanor. Bulzoni says, in any of these cases the police need the community to call 911 and then him so that they can keep track of what’s going on.

“Since I was made aware of these confrontations a few weeks ago none of the people who were involved have called me and I gave out my personal number,” he said. “We want to get this guy to stop, but we need the help of the community, the more reports the better we can establish a possible pattern.”

Prospect Lefferts Gardens has built a reputation as a close-knit community where people aren’t afraid to talk to each other, but the PLG Spitter is endangering that communal atmosphere.

Roxie Vizcarra commented on Caro Lin’s post, “another very good reason it’s totally okay not to be friendly and talk to strangers,” she said. “Never know who’s going to spit in your face unfortunately.”

According to his alleged victims, he is a skinny black man between the ages of 25 and 30, wearing a light grey hoodie.

If you encounter the PLG Spitter contact the police (911) and Frank Bulzoni at (718) 735-0527 or This is an ongoing investigation; we will keep you informed as we learn more.


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