Robbery, Shooting on Quentin Road And East 36th Street

Update (9:44 p.m.):

According to Yeshiva World News, NYPD shot and killed one of two suspects attempting to rob a Marine Park home. Upon arriving at Quentin Road and East 36th Street to investigate a call for a residential robbery, a suspect exited the home and aimed a gun at police. Police opened fire and killed the suspect. A second suspect remains at large.[Update (10:00 p.m.): Other sources are saying the suspect shot himself in the head.]

Special Units from the NYPD’s ESU, Aviation, K9, and many other units are on the scene.

Here is a video from Yeshiva World News:

Original post: We started receiving notes that something was going down on Quentin Road and East 36th Street about an hour ago. Then we got this from another reader who lives close to the incident. She writes:

Hi. I know you like news, even if its not in Sheepshead Bay, so I figured Id update you & see if you have any news on this….About an hour ago I was driving by and saw the streets closed and TONS of police & helicopters circling. Someone said that there was a robbery, and when the police came the guy shot himself in the head, and they were looking for another person. Did you hear anything about this???

Anyone else have any information? Add it to the comments!


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