Rick Woodford Wants to Make Your Dog a Foodie

Rick Woodford Wants to Make Your Dog a Foodie

A would-be gourmand looking longly into the window of ‘sNice

Our dogs love kale and the fava beans we just harvested. I’d rather give a dog a carrot than a milk bone any day.

The Brooklyn Paper talks to “Dog Food Dude” Rick Woodford, who’s made a career guiding dogs from kibble to kohlrabi. By teaching socially-conscious dog owners the art of canine cuisine, Woodford is working to revolutionize dog food, one picky pug at a time:

I never tell people that there is only one way to do it, but if you value buying local and organic foods and you say your dog is a family member, it kinds of make sense to extend that to your dog… Dogs will have the same reaction to good foods that people do.

He’s based in Portland, OR (obviously), but on July 28th, he’ll be at The Brooklyn Kitchen preaching the gospel of homemade dog food to doting Brooklynites who’ve run out of other things to feel guilty about.

For $25, you’ll get a crash course in “DIY Meals and Treats for Dogs” (salmon cakes that are just as healthy for you as they are for your dog!), plus a copy of Woodford’s book, “Feed Your Best Friend Better,” and — and! — a “slice of Rick’s muttloaf.”

You up for it?