Restaurant Review Mania: Best Sheepshead Diner?

(courtesy of Lisanne Anderson via Flickr)
(courtesy of Lisanne Anderson via Flickr)

Sheepshead Bay has lost many diners over the years. There was the Sheepshead Diner, the Mayflower, and that diner over on Avenue U and Coney Island Avenue. And I’m sure you can name plenty more without even a thought. But we are still left with a number of diners. We have El Greco – for what that’s worth. There is Perry’s on Nostrand – oh, and Kouros Bay. And New Clemente’s on Sheepshead Bay Road (a hidden gem, if you ask me). There’s probably more I’m missing, but that’s just the start of a list.

So why am I talking about diners? Well, I came across this Yelp review, which says Perry’s (3482 Nostrand Avenue) is the best diner in the area. It’s “Nice, like a real Brooklyn diner should be.” He swoons over their courteous staff, great value and fresh seafood.

The best? That’s quite a statement. And since Brooklynites are the only people who would launch WWIII over insults to their favorite diners or pizzerias, I thought I’d leave it to my readers. How ’bout it? What’s the best diner in the Sheepshead area?

More reviews:

Jimmy’s Famous Heros (1786 Sheepshead Bay Road) a local legend? That’s what reviewer michael f. thinks. He recommends getting a cold sandwich – and don’t forget “the works”!

Another local legend, Randazzo’s Clam Bar (2017 Emmons Avenue), got a nice writeup for its down-home atmosphere, huge portions and great seafood. He warns, though, to stay away if you’re looking for fancy – the locals “aren’t afraid to yell across the restaurant.  Get used to it.” Oh, and there was also this rambling review which didn’t make sense.

The area’s only Thai restaurant, Siam Orchid (2259 Emmons Avenue), got trashed by one reviewer. He likened it to “Cactus Mexican food (Chinese people who make both Chinese food and lousy Mexican food), Siam Orchid is Chinese making lousy Thai.” He also said it was “better suited for a landfill than the human pallet.” Ouch.