Restaurant Review Mania: Lovin’ Liman’s Turkish Treats

(Courtesy of Village Voice)
(Courtesy of Village Voice)

Who doesn’t love the rich, savory smell of exotic Middle Eastern spices? Village Voice’s Robert Sietsema does, and his taste buds led him all the way to Sheepshead Bay. He checked out Liman Restaurant (2710 Emmons Avenue), which boasts a variety of traditional Turkish eats. He even took pictures! But this restaurant critic isn’t the only one talking about Liman. Let’s hear what the Yelp crowd has to say.

After returning from a trip to Turkey, Gary D. and co. wanted to relive their “epicurean” experience, which they met with some unexpected results. While the “anchovies were delicious” and “the mussel dolmas had good flavor,” it wasn’t exactly what Gary had hoped for. “All in all [the food] was pretty tasty, somewhat overpriced and neither of us felt particularly good after dinner (if you know what I mean.)” Oh yes, we know what you mean.

While Gary “would probably try a different place” the next time he’s jones-ing for a Turkish meal, Stan Z. had a different take. Stan lists “the salad, the fried liver cubes, the jajik, calamari…” as a must. For those of you strapped for cash, be warned that “prices are moderate to expensive but the portions for appetizers are pretty large.” On Friday and Saturday nights, Stan recommends you come before 9 p.m. to avoid the “weird, funky and show off crowds with their expensive cars and swagger.”

And then there’s the rest:

Bagel Stop & Deli (1424 Sheepshead Bay Road) got five stars from bob s. for their “always fresh” bagels.

For some “very decent” lunch prices, Max S. thinks Vanka Café (3810 Nostrand Ave) offers a good variety of food selections, “including lamb testicles – yummo!”

And Russian night club Paradise Gardens LLC (2814 Emmons Avenue) gets praise for their night club experience but a thumbs down on the food, which eugenek describes as “subpar.”