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Resident Outraged Over 9/11-Themed Church Lit Distributed Overnight


On the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks, neighbors woke up to find shocking images of the burning Twin Towers on their doorsteps and an assertion that the recipient may be going to hell.

Church Rey De Reyes, a Spanish-language Pentecostal church located at 2376 East 15th Street, distributed biblical tracts overnight featuring an image of the Twin Towers engulfed in flames, and the caption, “What if you had been here September 11, 2001? A day that began like any other.”

The pamphlet goes on to suggest that, had you died in the September 11th attacks, you would have gone to hell if you had not accepted Christian beliefs.

Resident Richard R. said he found these pamphlets – called tracts – on his porch on a block near Ocean Avenue and Avenue Z this morning and it made him fume:

I’ve lived in Sheepshead Bay my whole life and this is the first time I can say I hate my neighborhood. This morning I woke up to go to work to find this on my front porch.

Now to be completely honest, I am not a religious man, in fact I identify myself as an atheist, however I am not anti-religion, but the fact that a church would choose to use a National tragedy to grow their congregation truly infuriates me, and in my own backyard no less. I find this absolutely reprehensible, and this church and it’s Reverend should be ashamed of themselves. The pamphlet, so carelessly strewn on Sheepshead bay porches this morning goes on to talk about how we are all sinners, coaxing people into going to church to repent because if they had died on 9/11, they may have gone to hell. This is religious leaders using fear-mongering to attract followers and money into their church, this is an absolute outrage. They are literally trying to profit from the deaths of thousands in an attack on this country, that is not only morally low, but truthfully, its pathetic.

Imagine if this pamphlet, so recklessly left on porches was found by a now teenager who’s parents died in those buildings, is this really the message we want our children coming home to? Ignorant of anyone’s religious beliefs I would hope that logical minds would realize that this pamphlet is just plain wrong and I don’t think our neighborhood needs this.

The tract was not created by the local church, though it does appear to be distributed by them. The pamphlet was produced by the Fellowship Tract League, which produces a number of fire-and-brimstone biblical tracts for Christian organizations around the world. Metadata on the file on their website suggests this particular tract has been published since at least 2009, and they also feature other potentially inflammatory tracts such as one about the certainty of death from AIDS.

These tract images were taken from the Fellowship Tract League website. The locally distributed version features the Church Rey De Reyes’ name and contact information.


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  1. What a bunch of lunitics, there is no heaven ,there is no hell, we like other living species turn to dust, no one has ever come back from either heaven or hell. All these nuts who think that only believing in Jesus will let you into ?heaven, if they believe that they might  be all going to? hell. Everything that is alive today will one day be dead, it’s all over, live while you can. If you think that the only religious crazies are in Iran? They are all around pushing there nonsence.

  2. I’m sure this will go well with Jews all over Sheepshead Bay.

    “Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself.” – George Carlin

  3. Soooo do people still believe this was caused by Camel Jockeys?

    I’m still wondering where that plane disappeared that flew into the pentagon…. i mean i’m not expert but i would expect to see a huge ass boing 747 part somewhere….  and if you think it incinerated, well your not a very bright person.

  4. Apparently, like your name, your mind is locked, too! Camel jockeys? Seriously, do you use racist characterizations to describe to describe all ethnic groups? Your ignorance is showing!
    And no one has offered an iota of evidence that any group or faction, other fanatical Muslims weren’t the ones behind 9/11. 

  5. How shameful that they’d distribute this trash in conjunction with the 9/11 anniversary.  Guess this Christian sect doesn’t believe in a compassionate, charitable, forgiving God, regardless of one’s transgressions.
    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  6. I’m sorry, i wasn’t trying to be Racist…….Well anyways, i’m sorry if i offended your girlie feelings.

    However…… See i’m really into conspiracy theories and well…. The one America is currently under isn’t a Fact. 9/11 is a fucked up lie a Scare tactic that was used by our Gov’t and President to go into war.  Because once we arrived in Good ol Afghanistan we stripped them of all the oil they had….You know Countries can’t just invade others and take what they want, that’s not how it works….

  7.  Also wow, i just read this article………..

    Where can i sign up so people stop Throwing there religious shit down my throat?

  8. I love the 9/11 conspiracy theories. George Bush, who prior, was made to be a moron, an idiot, a clown, suddenly transforms into this utter genius who can hatch an incredible plot to destroy WTC, attack the Pentagon, and frame Bin Laden. Oh yeah, he was also able to fix the price of oil across the entire global market, I’m to understand. What a guy!

       What was Bush, an idiot or a genius? Take your pick, but you can’t assign him idiot status when it’s convenient, and genius when these idiotic theories are trotted out.

  9. Oy. Outraged. Outraged? Outraged? (Playoffs? Playoffs?  – Mora, Saints). An idiotic leaflet left at your door outrages people? Oh yeah, it’s the age of outrage, I forgot. Any offensive word outrages people, ruins their life, drives them to therapy, causes sleepless nights.
       Outraged?  I’m really convinced people have turned totally close-minded and believe in oppressing contrary opinions. These leaflets are someone’s way, way, way out opinion, and it’s their right. They didn’t attack anyone, they didn’t threaten violence. It sounds like Richard R. is in favor of censorship. He’s not alone, sadly.

        Know something? I”m outraged by  the people that are outraged by some nonsense literature. Please, we’ve got to protect the 1st Amendment before the people of outrage do away with it.

  10. It’s a different bunch. And a small group, at that. Most of us who think Bush was intellectually challenged believe that he was just as shocked as the rest of us when it happened. And some of us do recall that initially he tried to keep what happened from turning into group hatred.

  11. Smug? I don’t care what you think, No basis for fact ? , has anyone come back from heaven or hell, How many people have killed by religious fantics over the years? Ask the people who died in Oklahoma, ask the people killed in Ben Gazi, or the people beheaded by fanatics, or the late Matthew Sheppard left dead on a fence in Wyoming, Faith? , “I have no faith to lose’. Also I doubt that the 50 or 60 million  weed smokers are all atheists .

  12. No on called for censorship, nor was there any mention of censoring religious expression. It was itself just an expression of outrage and explanation why this church is morally reprehensible for attempting to use a national tragedy to convert people. It’s perfectly reasonable to get offended by this.

    BTW, I agree with you that people don’t have a right to not-be-offended but when you inject your own words into an article you just come off as a nutjob. You should really get a mind enema and cleanse yourself of the fox news talking points where criticism of religious action = censorship/oppression.

  13. Thanks for honestly  clearing that up for me. My own opinion is that both Bush and Obama have done a great job on terrorism. There’s some legitimate questions that perhaps we could have or should have foreseen 9/11 and maybe prevented it, but there’s a whole history of USA being unprepared.

  14. Excuse me? I’m going to  quote the article, jerk (you called me names first): ”
     I would hope that logical minds would realize that this pamphlet is just plain wrong and I don’t think our neighborhood needs this.”

     What do you think the guy meant by “I don’t think our neighborhood needs this”…. You don’t interpret that as a call for censorship? What else does he possibly mean?

       As far as your reference to Foxnews, I do not watch Foxnews. Nor do I watch the places YOU obviously go for the truth like CNN,  you idiot.

  15. you explain to me how the universe is in such delicate balance. If total matter were off by like 1/10**40   (10 to the fortieth power), no life.  If the expansion of the universe is off by  the tiniest amount, no life. The list is so long of these statistics which must be exact for our universe to exist as it does. No scientist can any longer just throw up his hands and say “that’s just the way it is”. This is an impossible explanation for the discoveries and statistics of our present universe.
       How do you explain it? “That’s just the way it is”.  “Coincidence”.  And scientists have reached for the new “Multiple universe” theory, of which they admit they can’t prove and may never be possible to prove. There’s a whole lot of theory and mathematics. You can read about it, or hear some of it on Big Bang theory. I’m just a layman, not a cosmologist.

       So, “intelligent design” – no proof.   Multiverse theory – no proof. 

        That’s what I meant by don’t be so smug in your sureness. I don’t dispute your facts about organized religion. I hate it as much as you do. But I’m not so sure about the rest. I’m a little more open-minded.

  16. This is appalling. These religious organizations can get away with whatever they want. This is someone forcefully trying to push their own crackpot beliefs on to everyone. There is no difference here between this literature and those crackpots you see on the train screaming at everyone that they are going to hell and the ones that take over abandoned synagogues and scream through a megaphone that you must give yourself over to jesus. If someone wants to listen to you, they can go to a place of worship. That’s it and that’s how it should be. This should be considered a hate crime (since the distributor obviously bares a hatred towards anyone that doesn’t believe in their deity. I would consider this literature of hate.) and the local “church” that distributed this crap should be shut down and have their finances checked for starters.

  17. The Clinton Administration ignored early intelligence on the plans, not believing it had much significance. They really had no idea that the individual cells had a large degree of autonomy, and that communications between the cells and Al Queda leadership was sparse.


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