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Rescued Subway Kittens Find New Home

Source: MTA via the New York Times
August, the black cat and Arthur, the tabby. (Source: MTA via the New York Times)

The adorable kittens who caused long delays along the Q and B lines have found a new home. The New York Daily News is reporting that Bushwick resident Steven Liu, 25, took the kittens in to lead a happy, normal cat life.

Last week, we reported that the kittens, since named August and Arthur, got lost on the subway tracks near the Church Avenue station, causing long delays on the Q and B line. While some commentators were upset that the protracted kitten rescue were disrupting the flow of business, most were happy to suffer the wait times so that the kittens could be rescued.

One of the critics of Kitten-Gate™, which Sheepshead Bites has now officially trade marked, was mayoral candidate Joe Lhota. At the time, the former MTA chief said he would have sacrificed the kittens to keep the trains running on time. In response, Liu, the kitten adopter, was flabbergasted with how out-of-touch Lhota was on what should have been a political layup.

“It’s really dumb,” Liu told the Daily News. “Anyone who doesn’t know the power cats have over the Internet and public opinion — I’m surprised he announced that in the papers.”

Liu couldn’t be more right here. Politics 101 says that candidates who are in favor of crushing adorable animals with large machines have as good a chance of winning an election as 19th century villains who twirl their mustaches and tie helpless ladies down on train tracks.

Well, Lhota isn’t mayor yet and instead of some poor MTA employee scraping kitten guts off the Q line this week, two happy kittens are jumping around in boxes in a Bushwick duplex.

To follow updates on August and Arthur, you can check out Liu’s cat blog by clicking here.

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