Republicans Make First Stop at Cherry Hill

Republican candidates for positions across the city are kicking off their campaigns Sunday morning right here in Sheepshead Bay. Gene Berardelli, who is campaigning on the GOP ticket for Lew Fidler’s seat in the City Council, will be meeting residents alongside Public Advocate candidate Alex Zablocki, Comptroller candidate Joe Mendola, and Brooklyn Borough President Candidate Marc D’Ottavio.

Though Republicans historically have had a hard time getting into office in New York City, these candidates come at a time during widespread dissatisfaction with incumbent officials due to the elimination of term limits, ongoing economic malaise, and fraud and corruption issues. While we’re not sure if any of these guys will be different, we owe it to ourselves to get out and meet them and learn about the alternatives.

Here’s the event info, and you can find the press release after the jump:

When: Sunday, August 9 at 10 a.m.
Where: Cherry Hill Gourmet Market
1901 Emmons Avenue (at Ocean Avenue)

Contact:  Gene Berardelli (347) 301-6143
Gene Berardelli (R-C), candidate for the City Council in the 46th District will officially kick off his campaign on Sunday, August 9, 2009 at 10 AM at Cherry Hill Gourmet Market & Restaurant, located at 1901 Emmons Avenue in the famed landmark site of Lundy’s Bros. Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.
The campaign kick-off will also be the start of a larger borough effort that Berardelli has dubbed “Brooklyn – Stand Up For Change!”, which will promote candidates all over Brooklyn who are not incumbents in order to bring awareness to voters that they have a choice in the coming election.
“Everywhere I go, people tell me the same thing – that they’re tired of the political game-playing and politics as usual.  Game time is over.” said Berardelli.   “Those of us who are running to change the political culture in Brooklyn need to band together and show New Yorkers that it’s time that the people take back their local government from the bosses and machine politicians.”
“I hope to join with many other citizen-candidates – regular people with regular lives who haven’t sold out to the highest bidder – that have stepped up to serve their respective communities.”
Berardelli will be joined at this kick-off by Public Advocate candidate Alex Zablocki (R), Comptroller candidate Joe Mendola (R) and Brooklyn Borough President Candidate Marc D’Ottavio (R), each making their first campaign stop in the Sheepshead Bay area.  Berardelli had high praise for all.
“Alex Zablocki has all the makings of a great Public Advocate.  He is intelligent, energetic and is not afraid to take on any challenge for those he will represent.
“Joe Mendola brings an impressive resume of experience and financial expertise that no other candidate can match.  I believe that he is the most qualified candidate to manage the city’s finances.
“Marc D’Ottavio is a good friend and skilled businessman.  He is a true leader that will do Brooklyn proud in Borough Hall.
“We all share a common bond beyond party label – the “machine” doesn’t want you to know that we even exist. We plan on remedying that.”
The public is encouraged to attend this event and meet the candidates in attendance.