Report: Rooftop Burglaries Hit Sheepshead Bay

From Courier-Life:

A crew of thieves with a birds-eye view of Sheepshead Bay broke into two stores last week.
Workers at Viva, which is on Sheepshead Bay Road between Jerome and Voorhies avenues, said someone cut through the roof on Aug. 11 and removed an undisclosed amount of cash from the register. Workers said that thieves entered the store the same way on Aug. 4.
On Aug. 9 thieves made it to the roof of the Leah Discount, which is on Nostrand Avenue between Avenues T and U, and tunneled their way inside, taking $950 in cash, police said.

Looks like local business owners need to start considering ways to make their rooftops more secure. Any ideas?

Here’s another burglary report from this week’s blotter:

A woman spotted two thieves breaking into her Sheepshead Bay home on Aug. 12.
The woman said that she was sitting in a rear bedroom in her Avenue Y home, which is between E. 11th and E. 12th streets, at 9:45 pm when she heard a noise and saw a beam from a flashlight pass by her door.
She went to investigate and found two thieves in her alleyway. They had just left the home through a kitchen window after stealing her laptop computer, police said.


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