Report Albemarle Traffic Problems Online

Report Albemarle Traffic Problems Online
Albemarle Rd

Following up on the concerns expressed by neighborhood residents at the May Community Board 12 meeting in Kensington, Councilmember Brad Lander’s office has set up a survey website where neighbors can post their concerns about traffic issues on Albemarle Road.

The 5-block stretch of Albemarle from Ocean Parkway to McDonald Avenue has no stop lights or stop signs, and neighbors feel speeding is a major problem, threatening the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. After a crash about two weeks ago sent three people to the hospital, neighbors who have been concerned about safety on the street renewed efforts to help make a change.

Albemarle at E 2d

In response to the community’s concerns, the Department of Transportation has committed to do a traffic study of Albemarle Road, and results should be available in mid-summer.

In the meantime, neighbors who live on or use this street can take a few minutes to fill out the Albemarle Road Safety Survey to submit the traffic safety problems you have seen or experienced. If you have additional issues in the future, visit the survey site again. You can also email pictures to with “Albemarle” in the subject line.


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