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Renting apartments made easy with new Keyo app


A modern problem: Renting is stressful for everyone involved.

Finding an apartment takes a lot of time, energy, and trust. Most of us have had the experience of being interested in a unit, just to realize it’s already been leased or located in a part of town that we don’t want to live in. All that time becomes wasted.

Renters also fill out multiple applications, endure multiple credit checks, and pay expensive fees. Social security numbers are handed out like business cards, and people cross their fingers hoping that their private information doesn’t get compromised in the process. Even the lease consists of long jargon that’s hard to understand.

Renting can be complicated. But now, it doesn’t have to be.

Meet Keyo, the most seamless way to rent an apartment when you’re ready to move! Never pay a fee and save a ton of time with this on-demand, all-in-one solution.

Keyo highlights include:

  • Renters see 2x the number of apartments.
  • Scouts, or local residents, show listings. Scouts are real people who live in the neighborhood and can speak about the community.
  • Keyo works in real time—no waiting, no visiting units that have already been rented, no stress.
  • Keyo is free for all renters.
  • One application/credit/background check.
  • Insight into the surrounding market and neighborhood.

Download Keyo here.

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