Renderings: Eight-Story Residential Building Coming To 168 Avenue P

Courtesy of Architect Chi F. Lau
Courtesy of Architect Chi F. Lau

Renderings are now available for an eight-story building set to rise in Gravesend next year.

Developer Ting Ming Fung, based in Bay Ridge, filed plans last year for the residential structure that will be built at 168 Avenue P, between West 8th Street and West 9th Street, YIMBY reports:

The design is pretty modern, but the light brick on the ground floors makes an effort to fit in with the cream-colored brick apartment block next door.

The building’s 30 units will be divided across 29,931 square feet of residential space, yielding nicely sized average units of 937 square feet. Each floor will host three or four apartments, and residents will be able to enjoy a shared outdoor terrace on the second floor. Most apartments will be two- or three-bedrooms, according to floor plans posted on the architect’s website.

Here is the second-floor plan, courtesy of architect Chi F. Lau.

Courtesy of Architect Chi F. Lau
Courtesy of Architect Chi F. Lau

Behind the new building will be a 14-car parking lot, meeting minimum city zoning code requirements. Construction permits were approved in December and a one-family home that occupied the space before has been bulldozed.

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  1. This is fantastic. The streets all around that particular block are an absolute joy to park on as it is with all the used cards for sale monopolizing a good 60% of spots.

    Don’t forget the illegal curb cuts. But don’t worry, 311 will get around to looking into it in about 3 years.

  2. Yeah, this is a pretty big deal. Parking spots or not, this will spill onto the streets and cause havoc.

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