REMINDER: Today Is The Special Election – Vote!

We just wanted to remind you one last time that, if you haven’t voted yet, now is the time to do it. Polls close at 9:00 p.m. You can look up your polling station here. Now, a little somethin’-somethin’ from Allan Rosen on his voting experience today.

I just returned from voting at P.S 195 and am pleased to report that none of the problems experienced last time repeated itself.

Last time, it was difficult to find the proper entrance. I walked back and forth several times. No one was on duty to direct you where to vote, only a sign pointing toward the elevator. Once inside, there was no sign to inform voters which floor to get off at. At the polling site, my name could not be found in the book of registered voters, although I had not moved in 34 years. Anyone could see who I voted for by looking at the ballot which was just placed on top of a pile.

Today, there was a clear sign where the entrance was, there were poll workers at every decision point to direct you. Signs were even placed in the elevator showing you where to get off to vote as well as to exit. There was privacy at the polls and all the workers were polite. When I told them how much improvement they made, I was greeted with a big smile.

Unlike the picture shown above taken several years ago, your vote does not end up in the trash. It does count! Do yourself a favor. Vote.


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