Religious Institutions and NYC Noise Code Laws

Religious Institutions and NYC Noise Code Laws

A Kensington neighbor has created an online petition to request that City Council revise the NYC noise code laws to include religious institutions. Maggie Tobin writes:

Because our policy makers have failed to take action and make it the law so that religious institutions must adhere to noise code laws like everyone else, there is a great deal of friction within my community as well as neighboring communities. I serve on my local community board and have listened to neighbors (both residents and small businesses) complaints for years. Though I have made several attempts to have the institution work with the community on this issue, as they have have clearly stated, the law is on their side and they can do what they want. This is a quiet residential neighborhood with a small commercial strip that has suffered the consequences of not having neighborly neighbors.
Although this is an environmental issue NOT a religious one, politicians do not get involved because they fear losing large religious voting blocks. This is not about religion or limiting anyone’s right to practice their religion. This is about certain institutions abusing their privilege to appeal to the faithful by amplifying their bells or calls to prayer etc. to far exceed decibals levels of the noise code laws required of everyone else.

As she notes, this has been an issue on the western end of Church Ave for many years–it’s also been an issue in other neighborhoods, like Marine Park, and it’s been an issue in Brooklyn since the 1800s, at least. Do you consider it a problem where you live?


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