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Drug Dealer Who Wouldn’t Sell On Shabbos Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

Sorin (Source: NYPD handout via Gothamist)
Sorin (Source: NYPD handout via Gothamist)

An observant Jewish drug dealer from Sheepshead Bay was sentenced to up to five years on Tuesday for weapons and drugs possession. Last year we reported that a group of drug dealers had been arrested in April 2013 during a raid, including the man who received the five-year sentence, Edward Sorin.

After a six-month investigation that led up to the raid, cops found 23,000 oxycodone pills valued at $460,000 and a sawed-off shotgun in the group’s headquarters on Bedford Avenue.

Sawed-off shotguns and pills are the kinds of things you would expect from a drug bust but, according to legal documents, this story had an extra novelty feature. Back in September we wrote:

According to court documents, these guys allegedly sent out mass text messages to their client base informing them that they would not be available to sell drugs after sundown on Friday or before sundown on Saturday.

“We are closing 7:30 on the dot and we will reopen saturday 8:15 so if u need anything you have 45mins to get what you want,” read one text message sent out this past April.

The other members of the group are awaiting trial at the moment. They include, Jack Zibak, Jack Zaibak, David Gerowitz and Philip Mandel, all of Brooklyn, authorities told the New York Post.

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  1. 1 down and 50;000 to go in Brooklyn. Whatever happened to honest crooks, you know, the guys we would admire. These are not gangsters. Ho HUM.

  2. These were the type of guys who went to sin-a-gogue on Yum-Keep-Her and everyone yelled what great guys they were.. At the same time, I was never observant, and was considered the embodiment of evil.


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