Register To Volunteer For Mulchfest 2016 In Fort Greene Park!

Register To Volunteer For Mulchfest 2016 In Fort Greene Park!
Mulchfest 2016
Photo via parkservice

Fort Greene Park holds the record for most trees mulched at a single site in Brooklyn — last year our team mulched 1,743 trees! — so let’s see if we can meet or beat that record this year at Mulchfest 2016, being held on Saturday-Sunday, January 9-10 from 10am-2pm each day.

Bring your trees and wreaths — **bare, no leftover tinsel, lights, netting, or ornaments** — to the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Washington Park, where the park tree itself currently sits and volunteers will help feed it into the wood chipper, which will give your Christmas/holiday tree new life as mulch, to be spread around the park and enjoyed into the new year.

Even better, you can take home a bag of mulch (bring a bag if you have one) for your own spring garden prep!

mulchfest 2015 by charles jarden

You can also volunteer to help out at our Mulchfest. Volunteer slots and times vary, so you can click here to register for the event.

Volunteer tasks will include welcoming the public who will be bringing their trees, read newly chipped mulch around our tree beds. Volunteers will help prepare trees and wreaths for the chipper, gather mulch for the neighborhood, and spread them on the trees in and around the park.

See you there!


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