Redistricting: Brooklyn Style

State Senators Marty Golden and Carl Kruger's districts

The original post accidentally stated that there would be a hearing on redistricting at Borough Hall tomorrow at 10 a.m. The hearing was actually this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sheepshead Bites ran a great story yesterday about redistricting.

In addition to some very important coverage regarding the possible disappearance of Anthony Weiner’s old 9th U.S. Congressional District, the report includes the above New York State Senate District Map for Southern Brooklyn.

Anything about the map look funny to you?

On the Federal level, the good folks of Bensonhurst are certainly no strangers to gerrymandering.

Similar to what could happen to Sheepshead Bay if District 9 is dissolved, our community is pretty much split down the middle between two districts – 8 and 13.

And as was already the case for District 9 before Weiner’s no-sex scandal, both District 8 and District 13 are represented by non-Brooklynites.

What say you?

Should residents from Bay Ridge to Bergen Beach just get one consolidated district to represent Southern B-K to the fullest?


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