Rediscover Your Pre-Baby Body with Fit 4 Mom Brooklyn

Rediscover Your Pre-Baby Body with Fit 4 Mom Brooklyn
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If our (sometimes) warmer weather is giving you the gotta get out of the apartment and work off some of this leftover baby weight itch, we’ve got just the program for you.

Local mom AnnaCatherine Rutledge is the owner of Fit 4 Mom Brooklyn, a for moms by moms lead exercise program that takes place right in the heart of our very own Prospect Park.

We sat down with AnnaCatherine to learn a bit more about Fit 4 Mom, and the details on some of their upcoming classes.

Tell us a bit about your yourself.

I had my first kid just over four years ago, and after a year at home with him I didn’t want to go back to my job. I found Stroller Strides and Body Back a fantastic way to have a business, get fit (finally), and spend time with my kid – now kids, two boys.

What made you decide to start this class for moms?

I saw a need for the program in the neighborhood, and I love helping moms get the strength they need for motherhood.

How long have you been leading the classes in Prospect Park?

We are about to celebrate our THREE YEAR anniversary. I am so excited – there are free classes for everyone to celebrate! Check out our website for details. It’s been such a great time these past few years raising my kids at the park with all the amazing moms and babies and little kids that have come through our classes and programs.

What if the most exercise you’ve done in the past three years is carry your kid’s stroller up and down subway stairs (South Slope News editor meekly raises her hand)?

Girl. That is a LOT of exercise – and you probably walk how much? If you’ve got a three year old and you’re still wondering when you’re going to get your body back…now’s the time to start. 8 weeks. Tank top season. Body Back can jump start you on the path to fitness and weight loss.

What can mom’s expect to take away from the class?

We strive to give moms the strength they need for motherhood, in all aspects of their life, physical, nutritional, emotional, mental…Everything is tied together and together we can help each other gain the strength we need to raise good and healthy families.

How much do the classes cost?

The first Stroller Strides class is always free. However, we have many different membership options. You can visit our website for more info.

Where in the park do you meet?

We mostly meet at the 9th St. entrance to the park – sometimes the 15th St. entrance

How long does the course last?

Stroller Strides is ongoing and meets every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. You can start anytime with your baby in their stroller. Sign up for your first free class on the webiste.

The next 8 week session of Body Back, a results-based workout designed specifically for moms to focus on themselves, starts on April 11 and meets every Thursday evening and Sunday morning. Email for more info.

Image via AnnaCatherine Rutledge