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Electronics Recycling, Document Shredding, Voting And More This Sunday Outside Flatbush Food Coop


DITMAS PARK – It’s that time of spring again when Shredzilla parks outside the Flatbush Coop (1415 Cortelyou Road, 10am to 4pm) to safely dispose of your sensitive documents ($8 per 13 gallon bag of documents to be shredded, with all funds going to support FDC) and you can bring your unwanted or broken electronics to be recycled (no, you cannot just leave that broken printer out with the trash).

Electronics Recycling will take place between 10am and 4pm, courtesy of the Lower East Side Ecology Center and they will accept working and non-working computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, cables, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, phones, audio/visual equipment, cell phones and PDAs.

Coop will be offering 20% off all regularly priced produce, and no, you don’t need to be member to shop. For what you cannot find at the coop, the greenmarket one block west between Argyle and Rugby is also open on Sundays.

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You will also have a chance (your last one) to vote at the greenmarket for how Council Member Eugene should allocate the $1m he’s agreed to distribute through Participatory Budgeting. Here are the projects under consideration and you can vote at any Link kiosk, at a voting site, or online:

District 40: Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Flatbush, Kensington, Midwood, Prospect Park, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Council Member Mathieu Eugene

  1. Real Time Passenger Information Signs

Location: Ave. D & Nostrand Ave. B41 Flatbush Ave. Bus

Description: Installing Real Time Passenger Information Signs will keep passengers informed of bus arrival times at busy stops.

Cost: $180,000

2. Flatbush Fit!

Location: Prospect Park Parade Grounds, SW Corner

Description: Install adult fitness equipment to improve community space and access to health and wellness in the neighborhood.

Cost: $500,000

3. New Playground Equipment

Location: P.S. 245 – 249 East 17th Street

Description: A play station with equipment activities that are conducive for students in grades Pre-K to 5.

Cost: $300,000

4. Auditorium Upgrade 

Location: P.S. 92 – 601 Parkside Avenue

Description: Installing new and updated equipment will facilitate more effective use of the auditorium for school activities.

Cost: $150,000

5. Science Lab

Location: P.S. 92 – 601 Parkside Avenue

Description: Lab for accommodating hands-on experiments as part of the curriculum and NYS Science exams.

Cost: $500,000

6. Library Upgrade

Location: M.S. 61 – 400 Empire Boulevard

Description: A digital library and updated technology lab that is built into the same space.

Cost: $150,000

7. Exterior Security Lighting and Cameras

Location: P.S. 92 – 601 Parkside Avenue

Description: Upgrading exterior lights and installing cameras will facilitate the safety of staff and students.

Cost: $450,000

8. New HVAC Unit

Location: 700 Cortelyou Road

Description: New HVAC Unit for Public Assembly space at I.S. 62.

Cost: $450,000

9. Classroom Networks

Location: M.S. 2 Parkside Preparatory Academy

Description: 300 laptops, 20 small networks with 20 printers, 15 smart boards with 15 dedicated laptops.

Cost: $250,000

10. School Library Upgrade

Location: M.S. 2 Parkside Preparatory Academy

Description: The school library requires the tech to provide a modern, seamless experience as students read and conduct research.

Cost: $150,000

11. Computer Lab Upgrade 

Location: M.S. 2 Parkside Preparatory Academy

Description: Computer Lab upgrade – provide resources that allow students to be on the forefront of technological advances.

Cost: $250,000

If you are represented by Council Member Jumaane Williams, you will also be able to vote for projects in your district (District 45):

District 45: Flatbush, East Flatbush, Flatlands, Midwood, Canarsie

Council Member Jumaane Williams

  1. Glenwood Community Center Restrooms

Location: 5816 Farragut Road

Description: Glenwood Community Center is a place for recreational activities and in dire need of renovated bathrooms.

Cost: $600,000

2. Auditorium Upgrade and Locker Installation

Location: I.S. 285, 5909 Beverly Road

Description: Supporting performing arts by upgrading the curtains, lighting & sound systems in the auditorium; installing lockers.

Cost: $500,000

3. P.S. 315/152 Tech Lab

Location: 2310 Glenwood Road/725 East 23 Street

Description: P.S. 315/P.S. 152 wants to increase technology to accommodate a 21st-century digital community in their shared building.

Cost: $400,000

4. I.E.P. Sensory & Computer Lab at P.S. 208K

Location: 4801 Avenue D

Description: P.S.208K will fully support students with I.E.P’s with a well-designed, multi-sensory lab & fully equipped computer lab.

Cost: $350,000

5. Library Upgrade at P.S. 193

Location: 2515 Avenue L

Description: Much needed library upgrade to promote and stimulate an environment for academic and tech learning for students.

Cost: $450,000

6. Upgrade Performing Arts and Auditorium

Location: I.S. 285K

Description: Seeking to upgrade performing arts room, augment lighting equipment, sound system, and curtains within the auditorium.

Cost: $500,000

7. P.S. 152/P.S. 315

Location: P.S. 152K/P.S. 315K

Description: Installing of tech lab, mobile lab, and tech upgrades.

Cost: $200,000

8. ADA Accessible Entrance for the Flatlands Library

Location: 2065 Flatbush Avenue

Description: Many community members have difficulty accessing the library, an ADA compliant ramp will solve this problem.

Cost: $500,000

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  1. Every budget to all these projects make me physically sick. $500K to install a ramp at the Flatlands Library? Seriously? Mathieu Eugene must think we’re all morons.


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