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Are There Really No Gyms in Kensington Any More?


KENSINGTON — This week Marshalls seized Kensington Fitness, a gym located at 202 Caton Avenue, for failing to pay rent. Many patrons were left wondering where to go now, and how to get their money back.

Now, Kensington is not Park Slope, where there is a gym on almost every corner. In fact, when we searched, absolutely none were to be found on Yelp in Kensington. We hope someone takes over the space vacated by Kensington Fitness and opens a great gym – location is perfect, and there is almost no competition within reasonable walking distance.

If you need something beyond yoga (for which Jaya Yoga cannot be beat), here are some very well regarded options nearby — just treat getting there as part of your warm-up routine, arranged by distance from Kensington Fitness:

  • Jake’s Fitness at 101 McDonald Ave between Seeley and Vanderbilt is nearest, but offers only personal training. (646) 926-7638. 
  • Elite Gym at 782 Coney Island Ave off Cortelyou Road. (347) 529-7489. Owned by two vets, it offers military discounts.
  • Prospect Fitness at 1004 Beverley Rd off the corner of Coney Island Avenue (location of old Ditmas Fitness), is a small but friendly spot with no contracts.
  • Park Fitness BK at 771 Coney Island Avenue off Cortelyou Road also offers only personal training or classes, but has developed somewhat of a cult following among local ladies. They also have popular bootcamps. (347) 378-2228. 
  • Crunch Flatbush at 1038 Flatbush Ave off Beverley Road is a big new gym a bike ride away. (718) 218-4618
  • Blink Fitness at 833 Flatbush Avenue off Caton Ave is another big, shiny gym. (718) 704-1700

If Kensington Fitness owes you money, you should file a complaint online with the Attorney General,  local Assemblyman Robert Carroll says, and asks that after you’ve submitted your complaint that you email him at [email protected] with your complaint number and contact information so his office can keep track of how many constituents were impacted and follow up with the Attorney General’s Office and other city and state agencies.

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  1. I go to the Blink on Flatbush. It’s a great gym. No frills so it’s cheaper than other “shiny” gyms but tons of equipment and space.

  2. Shout out for Janine and team at park fitness BK. Their bootcamps are amazing, and extremely low pressure. I’d recommend checking them out.

  3. I just joined at nyc fitness club its not as close and a little pricey but it is deff worth it. I paid up front for the year I was scared to pay upfront again considering the fact that I paid for a membership in cash and i’ll probably never get my money back the cause of this gym the closed down with no notice at all. Paying upfront for the year is cheaper and they accept american express lol I hope this info is helpful to some we all lost a lot of money and hopefully it doesnt happen again.


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