Reality TV Show Starring A Former Local Seeks Local Cast

Now that Brooklyn 11223 is off the air (it is, right?), there’s a gap in the Bensonhurst reality show market.  Enter a Bensonhurst-born female lawyer who is starring in a new reality show about settling disputes.

“Not Jerry Springer style, we actually want to disputes to get resolved,” said the show’s casting agent, Lucy.

Unfortunately, since the show is still in production, the  title and the name of the lawyer remain under wraps.

Though I can say that she “is capable of taking legalese and putting it into a more ‘human’ form of communication,” according to Lucy.

The lawyer will be paired up with another mediator to try and resolve conflicts.

For the show, they’re looking to cast cases and disputes for the show.

They’re looking for people with the following issues:

  • Breakup, separation or divorce (dispersal of property and pets)
  • Disagreements with neighbors
  • Starting a business with a partner OR splitting up from an old business partner
  • Estate and Will issues
  • Covering your roommates rent while they look for work
  • Arguing with family members over who gets to take over the family business
  • Loaning a valuable object to someone else and having it come back lost or damaged.

“We really want to find people in Bensonhurst that have an issue they want resolved,” adds Lucy.

Email them at sicasting [at] pictureshackentertainment [dot] com  or call 646-674-3054.


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