Reader: Pathmark Closing Sale A Scam!

Sale signs

As we all know, Parkmark on 3785 Nostrand Avenue will be leaving us soon. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be reminded by this whenever we walk by. The upside? Sales!

Signs in the windows are advertising 10 to 30 percent off all merchandise. So it may be a great opportunity to stock up on goods at a discounted rate.

Or is it? One neighbor and Sheepshead Bites reader, Sue, thinks the sale is one big scam, and residents will end up paying more. Sue writes:

I think residents of Sheepshead Bay should know that Pathmark isn’t doing them any favors by selling products at 10% off full retail price.  This supermarket is closing and they are NOT honoring the prices in the circular… 10% off full retail price is often more than the products are selling for in every other Pathmark!  Unsuspecting consumers are being taken advantage of and that in my opinion needs to be shouted from the rooftops.  Hoping you can help SHOUT!

So is it a steal for customers? Or is Pathmark stealing from customers?