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Reader Complaint Spurs DOT To Investigate Sign Placement


The Department of Transportation will investigate the potentially improper placement of a No Standing sign on Avenue V, off East 8th Street, after Sheepshead Bites requested information about its installation at the behest of a reader.

Our reader, who lives nearby, wrote in to Sheepshead Bites last week to complain about the newly-installed No Standing sign, saying that it replaced a street cleaning sign that was previously on the pole. The reader fumed that it blocked off several parking spaces without any apparent justification.

“I understand the DOT installs No Standing [signs] to prevent blind spots at Stop signs. However this is usually just at the corner, [the] new sign is making three spots invalid,” the reader wrote to us. “They just took down a street cleaning sign and changed it to no standing. DOT being plain lazy!”

The practice of eliminating parking spots near certain corners is called daylighting, and is intended to increase visibility for cars approaching the intersection, and reduce the risk of accidents. However, as the reader noted, daylighting usually only eliminates one car’s worth of parking.

In response to an inquiry from Sheepshead Bites, DOT confirmed that the No Standing sign was installed at the request of Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz, who had requested daylighting at the intersection on behalf of constituents.

However, in a follow-up e-mail to DOT, Sheepshead Bites attached the above photo of the sign, placed mid-block, and eliminating more spaces than is usual.

The DOT, in turn, agreed to re-inspect the location and make any necessary adjustments.

Experiencing something similar on your block? E-mail details and (if possible) a photo to tips [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

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  1. Who wants to bet that the constituent that asked Cymbrowitz for this favor is the owner of the home under renovation in the picture.

  2. When your in trouble! Call SheepsheadBites! @ 1-888 Da-Bites   
    Toll Free! operators are standing by!


  3. The homeowner who complained was notified earlier today that DOT called yesterday and said the sign would be moved shortly. Community Board 15 addressed the issue last week and reported back to the individual today.

  4. Why Was this Intersection Picked from all other intersections?
    Parking in that area is already a problem with buildings on Neck road and Ave
    U. DOT should experiment in a different area or install a all-way stop sign or a street light.

  5. This isn’t exactly related, but I’ve wanted to rant for a while to someone other than myself (yelling loudly in the car with windows rolled up):

    There is a no standing sign on the corner of my block which is very much needed given that you can’t see anything at all when pulling into the intersection if there is a car on the corner. So the other day I pull up to the end of the block and need to make a right turn. To my right is a DEP crew which is working on something underground and therefore has now blocked the closer of the two lanes on the intersecting street. No problem, this is understandable, I will just carefully make my turn into the further of the two lanes. Except when I look to my left to check for oncoming traffic, I realize that the DEP crew has not only parked their giant truck on the no standing spot, but it is a good 3 feet from the curb, thereby blocking any hope I might have had of seeing oncoming traffic before making my turn. They were there for a good two days and I am amazed that there were no accidents. I made my turn, but I did so almost blindly. Of course, since it was a DEP truck with official plates none of the million or so cops which scour the area to write a ticket the very second your meter expires did anything.

    Ahh, it felt good to get that off my chest.

  6. They did the same thing in Manhattan Beach but no one complained there. They are too lazy to install new poles so they place a No Standing sign on the closest pole to the corner which prohibits parking in from one to three spots. They really should knock in poles where needed instead of banning parking unnecessarily. How many more spots have we lost because of this practice because of DOT’s laziness?

  7. That may be true, but what’s wrong with Cymbrowitz for just buying into his request without looking into it. Or is the sign warranted, just that the DOT is incompetent.

  8. an all way stop sign or traffic light is a better choice. there is no light on ave v between ocean parkway to coney island ….. cars always speeding from one light to the next.

    i live on v and e4 and unfortunately it took a serious accident to place an all way stop sign there…..

  9. Last year they did the same thing by me on Emmons Avenue – they put up 4 or 5 no standing signs they also put meters in front of roll & roaster.  They didn’t even warn anyone by putting up signs.  I went up to my car to find a ticket.  When I complained to fat boy Marty’s office, I received a response that made no sense.  They claimed that by adding the 5 signs and 4 meters, they actually created more parking.  Is that stupid or what?  The back in parking on one side of the street was OK, but the signs and meters were totally unnecessary.  Why did we have to lose all those spots?  Nothing happens there anyway.

  10. No traffic light, bump or stop sign is going to deter an idiot from speeding. This assaulting madness against ALL drivers has to stop.

  11. That was put up because the emperor and his queen never forget when people ridicule him. There was no reason to remove those spots except that most Brooklyn neighborhoods ridiculed the mayor on his lack of preparation for the snowstorm last year and how dare us peasants speak ill of his lordship. Now we all pay the consequences with less parking, slowdown zones, more lights, stop signs, lane reductions and speed bumps.

  12. There is a legitimate reason for daylighting.  But it is not justified to lose more than one parking space because of it.  We should not lose unnecessary spaces because of daylighting.  In Manhattan Beach it wasn’t necessary at all because of the zebra stripes, so you can pull a little further out into the intersection anyway.   But with the community constantly complaining, DOT wanted to show it was doing something to improve safety, like when they unnecessarily eliminated a parking space at East 14th Street and Brighton Beach Avenue because it was cheaper and easier to do than install a traffic signal and they wanted to show they were taking some action after someone was killed. 


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