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One of the joys of living in New York City is that, no matter how long one lives here, there is always some unfamiliar area of the city to explore. Unfortunately, we sometimes feel we have to limit ourselves because of transportation options—or lack thereof.

And even if getting to that area by bus or train is possible, who can afford to devote the kind of time it takes? New Yorkers already spend more time working and commuting each week than any other major city in the country. No wonder many of us prefer to stay close to home in our leisure time—especially when it comes to dining.

But we sometimes want a break from those neighborhood joints, great as they are. When you’ve got that itch and don’t have the time for biking or public transportation, a great option is grabbing a ReachNow car for a couple of hours. It’s easy, convenient, and registering is free. Just use their app to locate an available car.

Here are some places you might want to hit up that are harder to reach from South/Central Brooklyn.

Jamaica/Sheepshead Bay/Marine Park

Check out this article from Eater that highlights waterfront restaurants just 20-30 minutes from our area by car. On these long summer days, you could get home from work, shower, change, hop in a ReachNow BMW or MINI, and still make it in time to enjoy the sunset while munching on seafood sipping a cold beer or rosé. Maybe start with these:

Nick’s Lobster House – “a Maine-style lobster pound” that boasts “one of the city’s loveliest outdoor decks, which looks across the water at houses on stilts.”

Liman – “a Turkish restaurant right on the water—with a roasted sea bass or mess of fried fresh anchovies, best eaten on the screened-in porch.”

Lenny’s Clam Bar – “a clam bar and Italian restaurant, is open to the wee hours, serving up raw bar selections, baked stuffed clams, fried calamari, and steamed scungilli (conch).”


If you don’t live along the F or G line (and even if you do, given its recent problems), visiting our Brooklyn neighbors to the north in Greenpoint can often seem like an exhausting prospect. Not anymore. Pick one of these and get going:

The Brooklyn Barge – Only recently opened, this is not just a place to eat. It’s a place to explore as well. A “vibrant waterfront community with a restaurant and bar on a floating barge” it is also a “space for experiential learning and environmental study of the East River” with “recreational water activities include kayaking, sailing and fishing, plus scientific and historic programs dedicated to building a community center in Greenpoint.”

Polish dining – Explore what Greenpoint’s huge Polish community has to offer. There are tons of choices but maybe start with the Polish Slavic Cafeteria or Christina’s Restaurant.

Peter Pan Donuts – No sales pitch needed. Just go.

Instagram/Peter Pan Donut

There’s so much more food to explore and enjoy in far-flung areas of Brooklyn and Queens. With cars located throughout 26 square miles of Brooklyn, you shouldn’t let a little thing like getting there stop you from getting there.

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