Rats! Brooklyn Navy Yard Area Overrun With Rodents

Rats! Brooklyn Navy Yard Area Overrun With Rodents
Farragut Houses (Photo by planetbklynacademy via Instagram)

Trash piling up from countless construction sites in and around the Brooklyn Navy Yard is causing a massive rat infestation in the neighborhood.

An increasing number of creative and tech businesses moving into the Brooklyn Navy Yard, along with numerous construction projects happening in the vicinity, such as new condos, a Wegmans supermarket, and a 56,000-square-foot ferry maintenance and storage facility, have created heaps of garbage—ripe for feeding the hungry rats emerging from the demolished warehouses, the New York Post reports.

Fox News also reported on the rat take-over. See video footage below of the rodents feasting from trash on the sidewalk.

At the nearby Farragut Houses, rats have been entering a building located at 234 Sands Street via a broken door, much to the distress of residents, according to the Post.

“Families who call NYCHA home deserve to live in well maintained developments. We can and must do better,” a NYCHA spokesperson told BKLYNER. “Staff is stepping up maintenance efforts to prevent trash from piling up at the garbage collection site.”

NYCHA cleaning crews were dispatched on Tuesday, she said. “Today, staff cleaned the area and removed all of the garbage. In addition, members of the city’s Rodent Task Force were at the site today developing a plan of attack on the rodent problem at Farragut Houses, which includes exterminating the area twice a week.”


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