Rape Suspect In Custody

(from brooklyn.ny1.com)

NY1 is reporting that a man police were looking to question about a string of attempted rapes, as well as one rape, is in custody.

The suspect, whose picture taken from a surveillance video still is shown above, claims that he is innocent.

“We had an individual who turned himself in and said he is the one  that’s on the tape that we showed a tape from Dunkin’ Donuts as you  recall but he claims that he didn’t have anything to do with the crime,” Police Commissioner Kelly told NY1 at at a press conference today. “The investigation is ongoing. We’re still talking to this individual.”

Update: NY1 is now reporting that the man in the video above, “William Giraldo, 24, faces five charges in total: rape, robbery,  assault, sex abuse and sexual misconduct. This comes after an incident  on Saturday in which the suspect allegedly followed a 28-year-old woman  into the vestibule of her Greenwood Heights apartment, forced her to the  ground and raped her.”

NY1: Brooklyn Rape Suspect Comes Forward, Says He’s Innocent


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