Rape In Manhattan Beach, And More NYPD News

Officials from the 61st Precinct told members of the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association that they’ve made an arrest in a rape incident in the community, in addition to ramping up efforts to battle the more common problems of speeders and thefts.

Sergeant Carter, the newly-appointed leader of the precinct’s community affairs unit, reported that they had charged a man for rape in the community. The incident occurred on Kensington Street, when an officer encountered a van with covered windows. They began an investigation of the vehicle and found a 16-year-old girl having intercourse with a 39-year-old man. The sex was consensual, but because of the age difference police arrested the man on the spot.

Meanwhile, the NYPD is continuing efforts to keep Manhattan Beach’s streets safe from speeders and thieves as Kingsborough College begins the school year.

Carter said they’ve encountered three instances of grand larceny in Manhattan Beach recently, mostly involving victims who’ve left bags unattended as they go to play near the water. Car break-ins continue to be a problem, as they reported one on Coleridge Street and a resident spoke about another that went unreported.

The precinct is continuing to push an awareness campaign for people to safeguard their items.

“We want to make this not so easy for people to come and victimize us,” said Carter. “We want to make it as hard as possible.”

He reminded residents that car break-ins aren’t always for electronics like iPods and GPS devices, or exposed wallets. He said in some cases it can be as simple as clothing or golf clubs, and cited a case where a victim left $5,000 worth of clothing in a vehicle. He said not to leave anything in open view.

Carter also told MBNA members during the meeting last night that bag thefts on the beach had previously dropped off, as the precinct went around the waterfront handing out fliers and announcing on bullhorns that unattended bags were a frequent target of thieves. He said those numbers have started climbing again, and the unit is considering re-initiating the campaign.

To prepare for last week’s launch of Kingsborough Community College’s school year, which coincides with an influx of drivers that irk neighbors for their frequent speeding, the NYPD has been paying attention to Manhattan Beach’s main drags. They’ve ramped up their traffic detail and issued seven summonses for speeding last week, as well as one arrest for driving without a license.

During the meeting, a resident complained about a group of teenagers who’ve been causing trouble around Falmouth Street. She said they bombarded her yard with stones while she and her child were enjoying the weather. Al Smaldone, an executive member of the MBNA, said he has also had problems with the same kids, and saw them knocking over garbage cans and shouting profanities at residents. He collaborated with Beachside Patrol to find the location of the teenagers and have reported it to the police. Carter said similar issues should be reported to 911 right away, and if it’s not an emergency they should also inform the precinct’s youth officer at (718) 627-6614.

Video of the NYPD report to the MBNA is not available, as the police have asked Sheepshead Bites and other bloggers to refrain from recording the segment. We know many of our readers rely on this unfiltered form of information from the authorities, and are seeking to reinstate it as soon as possible.


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