Raise Money For Puerto Rico at Bridge And Tunnel Brewery Tomorrow

Raise Money For Puerto Rico at Bridge And Tunnel Brewery Tomorrow
Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief Fundraiser flyer. Courtesy of Saara DeAngelis.

Puerto Rico has been hit with over 1,200 earthquakes in the course of just three weeks, leaving  over 2,200 people homeless. Roughly 6,000 are sleeping in tents and cars for fear that another quake will leave them crushed underneath their collapsed home. Many of these people are still without power and basic supplies. To help aid in the relief efforts, come out to Bushwick’s Bridge and Tunnel Brewery tomorrow for a Puerto Rico earthquake relief fundraiser, organized by Puerto Rico-born Bushwick resident Saara DeAngelis.

“I’m reaching out once again to our beautiful community of Bushwick and Ridgewood to help our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters in this time of need,” wrote DeAngelis in the Facebook page for her event. “During our Hurricane Maria fundraiser last year we were able to donate $2,500 along with supplies.”

At this year’s event, attendees can enter a raffle for prizes from over a dozen local businesses, listed on the Facebook event page. Donations of supplies for earthquake victims, such as diapers, water filters, and batteries, will be collected as well, and a portion of beer sales will go toward earthquake relief.

At least two other earthquake fundraising events for Puerto Rico will be taking place in Brooklyn over the next month, including a charity bootcamp and a benefit concert series. You can also help by donating to UNIDOS and donating to, or volunteering for, World Central Kitchen.