Rainy Weather Was No Match For “Boardwalk Barrels Of Fun” Participants

Source: Lola Star (lola_star) / Instagram

Resident Morning Mug contributor, Allan Shweky, who happened upon the finished works of barrel brilliance by artists who participated in Saturday’s “Boardwalk Barrels of Fun,” sent us over a few photos of the event.

The beautiful barrels of boardwalk-y brilliance. Photo by Allan Shweky

The annual art competition, hosted by the NYC Parks Department and City Councilman Domenic Recchia, was held this past Saturday along the Riegelmann Boardwalk, between West 10th Street and West 12th Street.

With the goal being to spruce up the boardwalk in time for the summer beach season, artistically-inclined neighborhood denizens braved the rainy weather and used otherwise unsightly trash barrels as canvases, decorating the receptacles with vibrant landscapes, seascapes and carnival-themed art but, more importantly, with all their Coney-loving hearts.

Coney entrepreneur and all-around colorful personality, Lola Star, was on hand for the barrel-painting extravaganza. She had this to say on Twitter, where she also shared a few Instagram pics of the rain-soaked event: “God bless the die hard Coney lovers painting trash cans in the rain! That’s true Coney love!” and, commenting on the “I [Heart] Coney Island” trash barrel, she wrote: “This summer, when you see the dripping paintings on the Coney trash cans, you’ll know it’s a sign of true Coney love!”

Preach it, sis. It’s always so nice to see people making a concerted effort to beautify their community. Good job, everyone.


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