Quality Of Life Meeting On Emmons Avenue Tomorrow

A meeting of the Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association will be held tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Included on the agenda quality of life issues that residents in our community have complained about such as:

  • music from party boats,
  • boat whistles and horns disturbing night time peace,
  • gridlock on Emmons Ave.,
  • lack of parking and more. 

The meeting is expected to discuss these and other quality of life issues with local elected officials and police.
7:45 P.M. at The Waterford on the Bay, 2900 Bragg Street, corner of Emmons Ave. Ample parking.

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  1. They need to put parking lines for people who like to take up multiple spots. If they can’t park in the lines, they get a ticket. You know how many parking spots that would free up?? Especially during alternate side parking days. With all the new condos popping up in Sheepshead Bay, finding parking is a nightmare. I feel for the people in Park Slope and Bay Ridge.

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