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Q Line Subway Service To Be Restored This Afternoon! (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: Apparently not. According to our original source on this, Flegenheimer, there were unexpected problems that caused the restoration to be delayed.

Original Post:

Finally, some good news. Subway service on the Q line is expected to be restored by this afternoon.

That comes by way of New York Times’ transit reporter Matt Flegenheimer, who tweeted during MTA Chairman Joe Lhota’s statements earlier today:


That, of course, is welcome news to the hundreds of thousands of residents who rely on the line in Brooklyn.


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  1. This is fantastic news! Could anyone tell me where I can get a bottle of wine or Jack in this town? Liquor World is out…anybody? I want to have my first enjoyable night with friends this week at home and a bottle of something is in order. THANKS

  2. My son has to go to school on Monday. His school is in Manhattan. How he gonna get there, who knows? Without B/Q and R trains, there is no way he can get to Stuy. Anyone else has this problem>?? Any ideas??

  3. They go on and on about how the train service is restored but that only seems to apply to Manhattan. They don’t give a damn about Brooklyn!

  4. Absolutely crazy! The MTA doesn’t care about us on the Brighton Line. Taking the B49 bus yesterday as an alternative to the Q train was a nightmare. People were literally getting on for only one stop just crazy of the free fares! We need our subway service restored before the Monday morning rush hour.

  5. the says no Brighton service as of Sat night, so all this about restored Q and B is wrong for now. At least WCBS tv channel 2 got it correct this evening, to my surprise. Has anyone used the BM3 this past week, is it running to Manhattan?

  6. has conflicting information. The pdf map shows that the Q is running from Kings Hwy to manhattan but the actual schedule says that it is still suspended. I’m assuming starting tomorrow the Q train will be back on track but only starting at Kings Hwy.

  7. Update – I just checked again and they took down the Q line so maybe they changed their mind??? or ran into trouble and decided to keep it down for another day? Dang it! I was counting on that to get to work tomorrow.

  8. The BM3 did run this past week, but it was super packed. Friday morning, my husband had to let 3 go by (either they wouldn’t stop because they were too full, or he couldn’t get on the bus once it stopped because it was too full). He eventually gave up and walked to Macdonald Ave to take the F train.

  9. Anyone hear about when the Q train will be restored? The news reports that 90% of subway service has been restored including the lines from Brooklyn to Manhattan. But first a person needs to get to Atlantic Avenue. I need to get to work on Monday. I can’t drive into Manhattan, since my car was flooded due to Sandy. If anyone hears anything, please post on Sheepsheadbites.

  10. if you’re willing to get up early, on friday i saw the bm3 pull up at 6am on the dot to emmons avenue, across from applebees and it was near empty.

  11. Q still not running this morning and i waited 40 minutes for the 68 which never came (ended up going back home and taking the bike)
    The ultra helpful and courteous booth clerk said, “shooooo, aint got no idea” (eye roll) when service will actually be restored.
    Money Thieving Atrocity

  12. News 12 Brooklyn just said q service was restored but I live near the station and I don’t see anything running.

  13. They just updated q service . Northbound trains operate between the Kings Highway Station and the Atlantic Avenue Station.

    Southbound trains operate between the Jay Street-MetroTech Station and the Kings Highway Station.


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