"Psychopathic Petitioner" Making Rounds In Bay Area?

Courtesy of Atlas Shrugs In Brooklyn

With election season drawing near, candidates for State Assembly and State Senate are sending their minions into the street to collect signatures. The petitions, as they’re known, are a requirement to be listed on the ballot.

Atlas Shrugs In Brooklyn, a Republican blog covering the Brooklyn GOP, is reporting that a “psychopathic petitioner” is making rounds in the 49th Assembly District, which includes Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Bensonhurst and Borough Park.

They write:

We’ve received multiple reports that an unknown Republican male collecting petitions in the 49th Assembly District, allegedly shouting down, intimidating, and even physically threatening elderly voters.
This picture was taken by a 49er just after the man was forced off the property of an elderly man he was accosting, an emailer familiar with the situation told us.
We have already received reports that this man is affiliated with the Bay Ridge Cabal and wascollecting signatures for State Senator Marty Golden in the 49th Assembly district. As you know, the 49th AD leadership has been the subject of the Bay Ridge Cabal’s assaults after a major rift in the party this year–a rift which also includes Senator Golden.
This “psychopathic petitioner” angered one man so much that he was sprayed with water as he refused to exit off the property.
One emailer said: “Notice how wet he is because he was hosed down by the old man he attacked.” That emailer also noted: “He is not a local and is in ‘costume’ for the Italian area he is harrassing people in.”
We were also told that the petitioner had previously accosted a female voter and refused to leave the premises when asked to go. During this time, he was apparently asking people who they plan on voting for in the upcoming elections.

We don’t know much more about this man, or the district he’s supposedly terrorizing. But, for the uninitiated, it should be noted that Atlas Shrugs In Brooklyn is pretty anti-Marty Golden. We can’t verify whether this guy was collecting signatures for Golden, of if the situation is as described. But if anyone sees anything like this going on – with this guy or anyone else – you should definitely drop us a line so we can look into it.


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