Psychic Brings Healing To Brighton Beach, But Has Trouble Finding It For Himself

Shelkaev in his basement apartment, post-Sandy. (Source:

Do you believe in the power of psychics? Do you feel that certain people have a supernatural connection to spirits and possess magical healing powers? Well, whatever your opinion on the esoteric arts, Yuriy Shelkaev of Brighton Beach has certainly created a reputation for himself as a psychic and healer, according to a report by CNN.

Shelkaev’s trail was followed by Ukrainian photographer Emine Ziyatdinova for several months prior to and following the events of Superstorm Sandy. Ziyatdinova was pursuing a project on Brighton’s immigrant community when she met the 62-year-old self-proclaimed healer and psychic.

After the events of Sandy, Shelkaev lost his basement home and most of his possessions and still hasn’t found a permanent place to live. Despite his setbacks, Shelkaev continues to practice healing and spiritual massage, treating many people looking for alternatives to traditional medicine.

To read more about Shelkaev’s life and Ziyatdinova’s project, visit CNN where they feature an extensive and fascinating photo slideshow of Shelkaev’s patients, activities and life history.


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