Updated: PS 249 Teacher Arraigned On Charges He Sexually Abused Five Students, Brooklyn DA Says


PS 249 The Caton School

Updated 3:44pm: A PS 249 science teacher was arraigned this afternoon on charges that he sexually abused five elementary school students, Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson said.

Omil Carrasquillo, 36, of Selden, New York, was arrested yesterday and has been accused of allegedly groping and fondling girl between the ages of 9 and 11 on school property, located at 18 Marlborough Road, according to the DA’s office.

The alleged abuse took place on seven occasions between October 31,2013 and September 18 of this year, Thompson said.

Carrasquillo is charged with five counts of first-degree sexual abuse, five counts of second-degree sexual abuse, and seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child, according to the DA. He has been ordered held on bail of $50,000 bond or $25,000 cash and is expected to return to court on September 30.

“This is a tremendous breach of public trust,” Thompson said in a press statement. “Schools should be safe havens for young children such as these school girls who were allegedly abused. Parents count on teachers to act as role models – and not to abuse their positions to sexually exploit children.”

The city Department of Education, which we reached out to for comment, said Carrasquillo was removed from the classroom as soon as the allegations were brought to light.

“These allegations are disturbing, and we removed Mr. Carrasquillo immediately,” the Department of Education said in a statement provided to the Daily News. “He is not near any students. We are investigating the matter and supporting this school community.”

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  1. Molesting 11 and 10 year old girls is generally frowned upon. But maybe this just shows that we are not part of his “community”.

  2. I’ll tell you the difference.
    ANYBODY who molests children is not only a LOW-LIFE SCUMBAG, that person deserves to rot in hell. That can be agreed upon. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
    But at this point, the way the law works in the United States, Omil Carrasquillo is considered “innocent until proven guilty”. The sheer fact that he was arrested & charged doesn’t look so good. Especially with five children accusing him. And now his name is plastered all over the news (innocent or not).
    But legally, at this point, it’s “alleged”.
    Going back to your whining though, since I’m assuming you’re still irritated (for reasons unknown) over the a**hole (is that better?) who punched and robbed an old man a few days ago.
    In that situation, IT WAS ALL CAUGHT ON TAPE. Which means we, the public, can SEE exactly what happened and exactly what level of low-life scumbag the a**hole was being. When that dirtbag gets arrested (and he eventually will, if not for that crime then for another) yes, he’s still considered “innocent until proven guilty”.
    But in truth, it’s a open and shut case. Which is why NO ONE feels bad calling him a low-life scumbag. What’s so hard to understand?

  3. What’s confusing is why you would post about ten times about the mugging in the elevator, and never, ever express the slightest sympathy, compassion, or concern for a 73-year-old man who was punched in the face and robbed.

  4. WHY?????? How can you POSSIBLY “feel bad” about calling a low-life scumbag EXACTLY what he is?????
    Me thinks you have a different agenda based on your vehement defense. What is it? I’m really curious. Are you related to him? Did you commit similar offenses when you were younger? Because it doesn’t make sense otherwise.
    And no, it _doesn’t_ “make me think” because I know I’m fully in the right along with everyone else calling him a scumbag. So I’ll amend that statement: NO ONE (besides Forth Judge) feels bad calling him a low-life scumbag.


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