Prospect Ave R Station Stars In Latest Rabbi Darkside Video

Prospect Ave R Station Stars In Latest Rabbi Darkside Video

We’ve seen our fair share of interesting characters inside the Prospect Avenue R station, but never anything quite like those lurking in the underground realm of Rabbi Darkside’s latest music video, See Something Say Something.

The video’s location was far from happenstance. Prospect Avenue is also the title of the hip hop artist’s latest album, and the long time South Slope resident recently explained to Adam Bernard of why it was chosen:

It’s actually been my subway station, Prospect Avenue, for 13 years. Whenever someone’s coming to visit from another country, that’s where the directions terminate. The R train to Prospect Avenue. I had a bit of a struggle with the title for a while, and I had a revelation coming home late one night when I was asleep on the train and woke up and saw the sign and I was like yo, this actually ties it all together. It gives it the narrative quality of where the day starts and ends, and gives it a distinct New York feel. On the multilingual tip, “prospective” in French means “perspective.” That’s more of a double entendre, it’s where you take things in from. For me it’s been the point where I’ve watched my neighborhood change, and New York change, and watched the Twin Towers fall down from the overpass over the Prospect Expressway. It’s been my anchor.

Rabbi Darkside is performing at this Saturday’s Roots Family Reunion, and there’s still plenty of time to get in on the music, food, art, and community that the evening is sure to bring. For more information about all the acts, visit the Roots Family Reunion website, or to buy tickets in advance, visit the Littlefield site.

Photo and video via Rabbi Darkside


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