UPDATE: Propellerhead Putting Up Sign; Opening Soon On Coney Island Avenue

Photo by Carly Miller/Ditmas Park Corner
Photo by Carly Miller/Ditmas Park Corner

Update 1/18/2016 3:10pm: There is a partial stop work order on the new restaurant for unlicensed electrical work. Propellerhead’s designer Brittany Echlin says they were unaware their electrician had not filed all of the permits required. “We were under the impression everything was being done legally and above board,” says Brittany. They are working to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Spotted Friday: Propellerhead, a new restaurant and bar opening at 752 Coney Island Avenue replacing the former Visions Bar, was seen installing their new sign and awning, signaling that opening day is coming soon (a bit later than expected, but still on the way).

The new restaurant, owned by Paul-Gabriel Wiener, will be offering a full American-fare menu and a full bar after hours — serving both the daytime culinary and nightlife audiences in the neighborhood.

Photo by Chad Murray
Photo by Chad Murray

The space looks gorgeous; a full-size bar stretches across the room, with sunlight-filled table area by the window and more seating in the back. The menu is currently being developed and refined, but already includes a creative dish called Purple Yam Gnocchi.

Brittany Echlin, the in-house designer, says she’s very proud of the work they’ve done so far and is looking forward to opening day. Stay tuned for more on the menu and opening dates.

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  1. That’s true, but I don’t remember Visions ever marketing itself to Ditmas Park: no ads in DPC, no participation in the Frolic, no events, etc. We have eaten there and loved it, but it was always empty. Hopefully the new place will understand that to get people to check it out, it needs to make itself known.

  2. I honestly thought Visions was a strip club for a second when I first moved to this neighborhood.

  3. Name one eating spot in this neighborhood that is “out of control” expensive or was and didn’t stay open because of it.

  4. Went today as a family of five, sat with five friends two of whom had been here before and liked it. All of us waited waaaay too long for food to be brought out. (@40 minutes) Some liked the food, and some didn’t. One simple order of eggs with french fries and bacon finally came, without the bacon and the potatoes were home fried, not French. My caesar salad was hardly anything like a caesar salad. Iced coffee refills didn’t come. Dessert should have made up for it but didn’t. A peach cobbler turned out to be what looked like a poptart with white icing and sprinkles, and the kid’s chocolate dessert wasn’t served until I protested (not so nicely, either).
    People came, sat without menus for a long while and then picked up and left.

    How about a restroom sliding door with a lock that doesn’t lock. No paper towels.

    There are many problems here that could be solved with more money.
    They need more help to set up tables, oversee restroom and bus tables.
    I remember the former incarnation of that space when it was Visions , a very nice restaurant, then they stopped serving food, becoming just a bar. closed and now reborn as Propellorhead.

    This place won’t make it either unless they make changes. For one thing they’re on the ‘wrong’ side of Coney Island Avenue which can’t be changed of course. That street is a mental divide from the hubbub of Cortelyou Rd. And they’ve got to take better care of patrons. Don’t be too hungry when you go, unless you’re a twosome, go mid week and are the only customers. Then service is great.

    I don’t wish ill on anyone, but we won’t be back.

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