Primary Day Today: Don't Forget to Vote

One of the great shames of this city’s election system is that most of the decisions are made by one party, during primary day. With the exception of our billionaire mayor, Republicans rarely (if ever) stand a chance, and so the real voting happens by a much smaller group of people.

Well, that day is here. Remember to go vote. For most in the area, St. Mark’s School (2602 East 19th Street) is your assigned voting center, but if you’re not sure you can check the Board of Elections’ Poll Site Locator. And if you need a crash course in who’s running and what they believe, Gotham Gazette has put together an excellent Guide for the Last Minute (Primary) Voter.

Some have asked what we at Sheepshead Bites think of the election. Well, for us down in Sheepshead Bay, there isn’t much of a race. After Councilmen Fidler and Nelson successfully booted all Democratic challengers from the ballot through petition challenges, their seats are assured. City Council desperately needs new blood, especially to send a message of disapproval towards the overturning of term limits. Fidler and Nelson both voted for to extend their own reigns against the desires of those they represent. For that they should have paid. But Nelson is guaranteed another term, while Fidler reacts to his Republican challenger as more of an annoyance than an opponent.

The situation is similar in the higher eschelons of government. Marty Markowitz faces no Democratic challengers, despite increasing opposition. Perhaps the only meaningful races this year are for Public Advocate, Comptroller, and Mayor. For the last, Tony Avella’s message of smarter, slower development and his harsh criticism of his colleagues in City Council over the term limit vote have made him a warm candidate to us. For Public Advocate and Comptroller, the races feature far less starkly opposed characters, and we recommend checking out the voter guide and deciding for yourself.