Primaries Tomorrow? Time To Find The Candidates

NYC's new voting machines // Source:

On a truly local level, there’s not much to report about  tomorrow’s primaries. None of our incumbents in the State Senate or Assembly face primary challengers – though they all have general election opponents.

The real primary races for those in our coverage area this year are, of course, for governor if you’re Republican and state attorney general if you’re a Democrat. There are also primary battles for both U.S. Senate seats (Senator Gillibrand is being challenged by a slew of Republicans and one Democrat, while the Republican ticket for Schumer’s seat has two contestants).

For governor, the Republican ticket is split between Rick Lazio (website | Project Vote Smart issue page) and Carl Paladino (website).

Here are the Democratic contestants for attorney general, and relevant websites:

Senator Gillibrand is being challenged by fellow Democrat Gail Goode (website), while the following Republicans are battling it out for the Republican ticket:

Finally, these two Republicans are looking to go against Senator Schumer:

And don’t forget, this year’s voting will see the rollout of new ballot machines that use optical scanners to record your vote. There will surely be people at polling stations to show you how to use it, but you should brush up beforehand and watch this instructional video.

UPDATE: WNYC has created another great resource, with a lot of valuable information about voting in primaries in general, as well as important links regarding this election season.


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